10 Reasons Why We're Proud to be Yorkshire

10 Reasons Why We're Proud to be Yorkshire

From the 29th of April to the 1st May Tour de Yorkshire will be taking over the region. To mark the momentous occasion, we’re paying tribute to our Yorkshire roots and celebrating all the reasons we’re proud to be from up North...

1. Yorkshire Pudding - Up first has to be our favourite dish, which is of course a very important part of any true Yorkshireman or woman’s staple diet and every Sunday dinner.

Image of Yorkshire puddings

2. We make the best brew - No cuppa in the world is quite as tasty as our home grown Yorkshire Tea. It’s the perfect way to end the day and of course, makes everything better – now go on, get t’kettle on!

Image of a cup of Yorkshire tea being poured


3. Say cheese - There’s nothing like a creamy slice of soft, scrumptious Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese that’s been handcrafted in the heart of the dales.

4. We’ve got some reet views! When the Tour de France hit Yorkshire the whole world got a glimpse of our gorgeous Yorkshire countryside – fortunately for us it’s on our doorstep to enjoy whenever we like. From the coast to the countryside, we really do have it all.

5. And a lot of culture too… From World Heritage Sites to National Parks, galleries and museums, there’s plenty of things to do and see in our region all year round.

6. Everyone has the same Northern Pride - Yorkshire is widely known as God’s Own Country and those who live here would strongly agree. After all, we’re proud of our Northern roots and well, our Yorkshireness too!

7. We invented the loo - Both Joseph Bramah (who improved and patented the flushing toilet) and toilet designer Thomas Crapper are Yorkshire born and bred. You’re welcome!

8. And clocks too… Well, the marine chronometer that is. In fact, it’s thanks to Yorkshireman John Harrison that ships today are able to find their way at sea.

9. We sound great! Although us true Yorkshire folk know that there isn’t just one type of “Yorkshire accent”, ours was voted as the most intelligent sounding accent in 2008.

10. It’s all about the people ‘innit?

When you hear people say "they’re more friendly up North”, they weren’t lying! With all this beautiful open space and glorious countryside views, there’s no surprise why people living in this part of the world are the happiest in the UK.

So there you have it – our top reasons for being proud to be Yorkshire. If you can think of any others share them with us @DomandGeri on Twitter and we’ll add them to our list!

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