10 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month

10 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month

For most animal lovers every day is pet day in their household. However, during the month of April we should all take the time to pay our animal family members even more attention because National Pet Month is all about responsible pet ownership.

Our pets not only help reduce stress, make us smile and are always there for us no matter what, they make our house feel like a home. So it’s about time we do something special for them to show just how much we value their companionship.

Here are some of our top pet-friendly ways to show your furry, scaled or feathered friend how much you care:

1. Take them on a road trip to the countryside or beach.
2. Take them shopping for a new treat or toy – remember you’ll get extra points for letting them choose their own.
3. Forget about saying goodbye to those sad puppy dog eyes for one day and take your dog with you to work.
4. Teach them a new trick or build them an obstacle course outside – just be sure to have a bag of treats ready for rewards.
5. Create a new perch for your cat to sit on and watch the world go by.
6. Decorate your goldfish’s tank with some new ornaments or bright pebbles.
7. Make a Facebook page for your cat – they are the most popular animal on the internet!
8. Organise a special photoshoot with your pet and frame your favourite picture for all to see.
9. Have a cuddle and take a nap together after your fun-filled day.

And finally...

10. Enter our competition and win your pet a fantastic pamper hamper! Click here to find out more. 

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