20 Handmade Present Ideas for a 30th Birthday

20 Handmade Present Ideas for a 30th Birthday

A handmade birthday present is a unique, thoughtful and very personal gift. It may also be that you are trying to count the pennies a little bit or you have left it late and can’t get to the shops, but either way, making a present yourself leaves more of a lasting impression on the recipient. Furthermore, a 30th birthday is a landmark celebration and while any gift will be memorable, a handmade present will always bring back cherished recollections of a milestone occasion.

By the time we are reaching 30 most of us are beginning to settle down a bit, finding new hobbies and maybe feeling a bit more homely, so here are some great ideas for homemade gifts that are sure to be well-received.

1. Smellies: Bath salts, body scrubs and soap sets can all be made at home with the right materials and some tuition. Check out some You Tube instructional videos and make up a set of favourite fragrances. You can also decorate or personalise the sets yourself.

2. Coasters: Everyone loves a cuppa, and even more so with coasters that have been lovingly created. You can use personalised photos, design in all shapes and sizes, or use images of heroes or favourite pop stars.

3. Notebook/journal: Decorated with style or with some favourite images, a notebook or journal is a simple and very personal gift.

4. Memo Board: A great present that many new or recent homeowners don’t even think of amongst the endless list of high-priority home items. Decorate the board with personalised wrapping paper or other images to stylise the home.

5. Fridge magnets: A quick and simple way to present a humorous or personalised gift.

6. Origami décor: Whether it is framed photos, hanging decorations or table trimmings, with some nimble finger work you can produce some beautiful gifts featuring birds, flowers or dresses.

7. Bookmarks: Why use that random till receipt or a flyer you’ve been meaning to throw away when you can have a bookmark-for-life featuring your favourite photos or in the colours of your football team?

8. Selection box: OK, not 100% handmade, but a nicely furnished box featuring some simple gifts such as luxury tea bags or coffees, beers, wines or spirits or soaps and candles, makes a thoughtful and personal gift.

9. Key rings: We all need them. Make them from fabric, felt or anything you can get your hands on.

10. Blanket or throw: Another item maybe thirtysomethings won’t think about, but a nice blanket for those chilly Sunday afternoons in winter or a nice throw for the sofa, made in a tasteful style, will go down a treat.

11. Phone holders: Fashioned from felt and with some chic design touches, every thirty-year-old needs a phone holder!

12. Oven gloves: Again, you might need to browse the internet for some tuition on this, or seek a simpler design to make a pot holder, but these are great gifts for the kitchen.

13. Tablet case: Whether you have an iPad or another tablet, it needs protecting, and a homemade case can be very easily decorated and personalised.

14. Photo collage: Everybody loves to have their photos on display, so if you can get hold of someone’s favourites you can design a poster, a tea towel or just some fancy table decorations.

15. Pet Dishes: Make feeding time more fun with bowls including names and pictures.

16. Instagram calendar: So many thirty-year-olds will be using Instagram, so why not find their favourite pics and make a calendar, poster or canvas out of them?

17. Candles: Similar to the smellies sets, with some simple online tuition you can make a set of fragrant and natural candles and decorate them for that extra personal touch. Shop our range of personalised candles here.

18. Glasses: Using special pens and decorations you can personalise beer, wine or shot glasses, depending on their favourite tipple.

19. TV Dinners: We all love a TV dinner every now and again, so why not make a special tray decorated with fabric or favourite images?

20. Cards: A simple personalised card shows that you have gone to some extra effort for a 30th birthday. You can add a photo, a favourite verse or make up your own words, and accompanied by the same-themed personalised wrapping paper, your endeavour won’t go unnoticed.

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