5 Gifts from Dom & Geri to Give your Father-in-Law on Father-in Law's Day

5 Gifts from Dom & Geri to Give your Father-in-Law on Father-in Law's Day

Long gone is the image of the Father-in-Law as a person to be feared. In today’s society a Father-in-Law is somebody we can bond with, have a laugh with and admire. So celebrating Father-In-Law’s day on July 30th seems an appropriate time to acknowledge your spouse’s parent and offer him a gift.

It may be that you decide to celebrate the day by going off fishing, or on a walk through the countryside, or just out for a meal. But a simple gift to recognise the day will certainly strengthen the bond you have formed and keep you in the good books!

At Dom & Geri we have a selection of gifts that are appropriate for the occasion, and all of them can be personalised to offer that unique and memorable touch.

Beer and Cider

There is every chance you will end up down the pub anyway on Father-in-Law’s Day, but you can still offer him a selection of beers to sup when he is relaxing at home afterwards. We have four Yorkshire-brewed beers to choose from, which you can mix-and-match to suit his tastes. We have a lager, a golden ale, a dark ruby beer and a classic beer. These can all be personalised with photos and messages for that extra special gift. We also have a range of four ciders – vintage, honey, flavoured and organic – which can be personalised and made in to a gift set also.

Browse our Beer and Cider gift sets.


Spirits are a longer-lasting way to acknowledge your Father-in-Law and a bottle of whiskey, vodka or gin with a unique personalised label is a thoughtful gift that he can enjoy a relaxing tipple from over time. Our London Dry Gin and English Vodka come from Leicestershire, while our single malt whiskey is blended with water straight from the Highlands.

Browse our Spirits here.

Champagne and wine

A more instant way to mark the day is to crack open a bottle of wine or champagne. We can offer an Australian White Pinot Grigio or a Chilean Red Merlot in selection packages, while an elegant wooden box contains a bottle of champagne which can also come in personalised packaging for that unique touch.

Browse our Champagne gift sets and Wine gift sets.


A thoughtful gift to enjoy perhaps while quaffing one of the above is a personalised candle. To create that truly relaxing ambience for your Father-in-Law we offer various sizes of scented candles with diffusers, which are sure to complement his drink and which can be personalised with photos and messages on the label.

Browse our Scented Candle gifts.


A simple, personalised card is a great way of saying ‘thanks’ on Father-in-Law’s day. Make this unique with a photo, message or verse and your Father-in-Law will cherish it forever.

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