5 Reasons Why Families Are So Important

5 Reasons Why Families Are So Important

As a family business, we know only too well how important our family is to helping the everyday cogs turn in the company. It’s easy to forget they are your nearest and dearest when you have to deal with working challenges, but if they weren’t there, well, that really would be a different story and probably one we wouldn’t like as much…

To celebrate International Day of Families on 15th May, we’ve decided to list our top 5 reasons why families are so important which will, hopefully, remind you that family really does always come first.

They Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

You probably hate hearing this but your family really do know you quite well. They can often pre-empt how you’re going to react, what makes you happy and what makes you sad. That’s the beauty of living in the same house and growing up with them for so many years! Take our very own Dom and Geri for example; Geri knows exactly what winds Dom up and vice versa!

Of course, having family members close by can be a positive thing too as it’s often comforting to know they have your back and they can help tell you the truth and make you realise things you probably never did before. Our advice is listen to them; they really do know you better than you think!

Family is Everything

In many religions, family is everything. You stick together through thick and thin, no matter what. For example, Islam teaches that family values are so important they underpin society and values and teachings are handed down through generations.

There’s a lot we can learn about family values too; our parents and grandparents are our first exposure to how one must behave and act in society, teaching us right from wrong and ultimately guiding us as best they can. We learn a lot from family and growing up without that network around us can be difficult. As children we are heavily influenced by those around us and respecting our elders is a key message that’s communicated.

They Make Us Laugh

Sometimes, when times are hard, all we want is someone that can make us laugh and there’s usually one family member that has that instant ability to do just that. It could be that wry smile, a funny joke or tickling you.  They can lighten the mood at times we need it most.

They Protect Us

As a child, we are often unnerved by outside influences and our family helps to guide us with how to handle different situations, different people and ultimately each other. They will protect us from bad situations where possible and provide shelter from negative external sources. Remember that teacher that always picked on you? Your mum probably went to school and confronted them about it.

It’s Unquestionable Love

A family is important for many different reasons but have you ever stopped to think about the unquestionable love that exists between you? We often find ourselves questioning girlfriends and boyfriends etc and sometimes it can feel very easy to fall in and out of love with the people we meet and get acquainted with. But family love – now that’s real – and it never, ever dies. No matter what any family member does, there’s always that inate love that was there right from the start and as a parent you’d do anything for your child. As the child grows older, they too realise they’d do anything for their parents. Family bonds are unbreakable – just ask Dom or Geri!

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