5 Unique Ways to Propose

5 Unique Ways to Propose

Whilst many of us might take the opportunity to secretly send chocolates and flowers on the 14th of February each year, it’s on the 20th of March that we make our love official. The reason for this is because it’s National Proposal Day, which means the entire day is dedicated to marriage proposals and telling the one person we love most in the world that we want to spend the rest of our lives with them.  

To celebrate this romantic occasion, we’ve rounded up some unique proposal ideas, just in case you need a bit of help popping the big question.

  1. Public Marriage Proposal

Making a public declaration of your love is a big gesture and not to be advised unless you’re 100% certain the answer will be yes! If you’re looking to wow your partner, get a flash mob involved or a group of singers to serenade them with a romantic song.  

  1. Say It with Food

Does your loved one have a favourite dish or restaurant? Write your proposal in a pizza box or slip their ring into glass of bubbly – just make sure they see it before tucking in! You could even make your loved one a special packed lunch with the proposal hidden inside and arrange with their colleagues to help you surprise them unexpectedly at work.

  1. Employ some Helpers

Get your pet involved and tie a ring to their collar or buy a cute little jumper with a pocket to tuck it into. If you have a little one together, dress them in a “Marry Us” t-shirt or get the whole family in on it for the ultimate surprise party. 

  1. Make Them Work for It

Send them on a scavenger hunt to all your favourite places. Not only will this show that you’ve put a lot of work and heart into the proposal itself, but that you still treasure all your special times together. At the final destination they will find you waiting for them on one knee with a ring – queue the tears!  

  1. Make a Movie

Put together a slideshow or photo album of all your good times together with a special message at the end. Be sure to gather all your friends and family round when you reveal the heart-warming movie montage and get them to capture the moment to add to the end of film for a surprise wedding gift on your big day.

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