5 Ways To Surprise Dad This Father’s Day

5 Ways To Surprise Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is on the horizon and it’s time to don your thinking cap and find a way to make it an extra special day for Dad. It might get harder and harder each year when ‘the man who has everything’ can’t offer any ideas as to what he might want, but Father’s Day is a bit different to your average birthday, and a little bit of creative thought is required to find a special gift or gesture that lets them know you are thinking of them and everything they do is appreciated.

We’re not just talking about the obvious things either; breakfast in bed, going out for a nice lunch, doing all the chores. Yes, you can do all those things, but you also need to go the extra mile on Father’s Day, so here are a few ideas:

  1. Photo Book

This shows creativity, imagination and thought. There are various ways you can create personalised online gifts and these always show that you have put some time and effort into creating something unique. A photo book can tell a story of the journey you’ve been on as a family and also acts as a great keepsake and souvenir in years to come. You can even wrap the book in personalised Father's Day wrapping paper and include a matching personalised Father’s Day card too.

  1. Adventure

You know Dad better than anyone, so what activity would he like to do that you never get round to doing? He might want to go car racing, abseiling, on a zip wire, white water rafting, or he might even just fancy a family bike ride. But if you organise it, like he is always trying to organise you, he’ll be grateful that an adventurous activity has been booked and doubly-so because he hasn’t had to do it himself.

  1. Spa treatment

You might think this is the sole domain of the female, but Dad certainly gets wound up, stressed and fatigued at work as well. Many spa centres now do a male treatment package which can include steam rooms, saunas and Jacuzzi baths, all designed to cleanse the skin, sooth the mind and re-energise the body. You can book the whole family in or let him go on his own, either way the end result is the most important thing, and whilst we’re at it, if that is simply achieved by an hour to himself in front of the TV with a beer and his favourite snacks, as an alternative, then all well and good.

  1. Weekend away

The country is now littered with hotels, cottages and apartments for remote luxury breaks and ideas for relaxing escapes from home and work, so do a bit of research, push the boat out and treat Dad to a couple of nights somewhere he hasn’t been before, and some quality time away from home. This could just be for mum and dad, for the whole family or if you really want to surprise him, a weekend for him and his mates.

  1. Personal hamper

You can’t beat the personal touch, and a basket full of goodies shows that you have taken notice of what he likes, spent the time to go out and buy this assembly of goods and have created something specifically for him that he doesn’t, necessarily, have to share. Personalised gifts are a great way to make someone feel valued and a food and drink hamper gives Dad an indulgent treat that can last as long as he wants it to!

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