#BuyOneDonateOne Banner Campaign

#BuyOneDonateOne Banner Campaign

This November we are running a very special campaign to support a charity very close to our hearts.

For every personalised banner purchased from our website in November, we will donate a birthday banner to a child spending their birthday in hospital at Leeds General Infirmary and Leeds Children’s Hospital.

That means, with your help and support, we are aiming to donate 500 banners to https://www.leedshospitalscharity.org.uk/ and make every child feel special on their birthday, despite spending it in hospital. Will you #BuyOneDonateOne to help?

Running our business Dom & Geri is a full-time job for us – two busy mums – but we also know that family comes first. Leeds General Infirmary and Leeds Children’s Hospital have been a lifeline for us with our daughter, Annabelle, who suffers from a rare form of vasculitis, which originally consultants thought only affected her brain.  She had six strokes before she was 1 requiring a lengthy stay at LGI.  They performed pioneering EDAMs surgery: healthy tissue from under the skull is laid directly onto the brain to help with blood flow to restricted areas.

Annabelle is a happy and spirited little girl, but we still regularly require the care and support of the LGI to help manage her symptoms. We’ve since found out that Annabelle's vasculitis affects all areas of her body, as her vessels are narrowed it increases her blood pressure, which now has to be monitored multiple times a day. We know that the hospitals help many families, just like ours, and we are determined to give something back. Our #BuyOneDonateOne campaign is our way of helping the children that spend days, weeks and months being cared for in hospital.

Every banner we sell is reusable so we are also doing our bit for the environment too, giving every child a special birthday and a banner that can be reused for future events and special occasions.

Get Involved With #BuyOneDonateOne Today

To help us reach our target of 500 banners, simply purchase any banner on our website and we will automatically donate a banner to the Leeds Hospitals Charity who support the LGI and Leeds Children’s Hospital. With your help, we can make every child celebrating their birthday in hospital to feel extra special.

Buy a personalised banner today.

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A special thanks to Kate at https://graphicdesignsupplies.co.uk/ for help with our campaign too!

Cara, Rachel and Annabelle stood in the Dom and Geri office

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