Cards To Say Well Done On GCSE Results Day

Cards To Say Well Done On GCSE Results Day

They’ve embarked on further study for two years and on Thursday 25th August all the hard work accumulates to those all-important results. Yes, it’s GCSE results day!

Your little one is not so little anymore as they now decide whether to stay in full time education by moving into sixth form or going to college, or start an apprenticeship or traineeship in their chosen career. Whatever they decide to do, show them how proud you are with a classically fun and funky personalised card from Dom & Geri to say WELL DONE!

As you can imagine a looming results day is a nerve-racking time for any 16 year old; what’s written on that A4 piece of paper in the brown envelope could determine their future! So why not lighten the mood with a bit of humour and silliness. We have a wide selection of comedy cards for you to edit to include your child’s name; here’s a few of our favourites.

Personalised GCSE congrats cards

As a parent you will probably have unconditional love and pride for all your child’s achievements; you might want to shout about their GCSE results from the roof tops… or maybe plaster it on the front page of a national newspaper or magazine. Well guess what, now you can! You can even upload a photo to make your card so special they’re going to want to frame it.

Spoof newspaper personalised congratulations cards

Consider yourself a good judge of character? Channel your inner Simon Cowell or Amanda Holden and press the golden buzzer to congratulate your child with a Britain’s Got Talent themed card. Most pupils achieve 10 or more GCSEs; we think juggling that many different subjects is an incredible talent! 

Britains Got Talent inspired personalised congratulations card

Amongst our wide range of personalised cards, our typography cards stand out in bright colours and creative fonts. If your son or daughter is a serial grade A student you can call them the “clever clogs” that they are. Why not ‘get down with the kids’ and communicate in the way they’ll understand, #GEEK #HashtagFun. They may even take a picture of your card and tweet about it!

Clever clogs typography inspired congratulations cards

From their first steps to when they began to sleep through the night, children continue to fill their parents with pride and joy at each stage of their life. Getting through their GCSEs is just another achievement for Mums and Dads to congratulate them for. Whichever words you choose, show them how you feel with a Dom & Geri card.

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