Celebrate National Pink Day

Celebrate National Pink Day

Sometimes we don’t need an excuse to have a celebration, we just get caught up in the mood and think ‘what the heck?’ National Pink Day on June 23rd is one such occasion, and at Dom & Geri we are right behind it.

Pink is a colour that signifies femininity, sensitivity, tenderness and romance. With a bolder more vivid tone it becomes quite sassy, assertive and empowering. But the colour pink can carry many different messages and in readiness for National Pink Day, at Dom & Geri we can offer something to convey every contrasting meaning you could possibly think of.

Of course pink is generally associated with girls, particularly young ones, and in this traditional sense the colour pink transcends race and cultures. But in modern times the colour has been adapted by some males for clothing such as wedding ties, smart, well-ironed shirts for going out and casual golf or tennis-style polo shirts. It is fair to say that men have embraced their ‘pinkness’ and the colour does not give off the same one-dimensional feminine essence that it once used to.

Another great use of the colour pink in recent years has been to help spread the word about charities, with Breast Cancer UK and a campaign against bullying both adopting the colour to help promote their cause with an element of tenderness and care.

All of this combines to highlight a colour that in modern times appears to break down boundaries and fights against prejudice and stereotypes. Along with its more traditional associations, it therefore offers us a number of reasons to celebrate National Pink Day, and at Dom & Geri we have a vast range of cards, wrapping paper and banners which you can use to show your colours on the day.

It is amazing how many different cards carry the colour pink to help convey a sentiment. We have Valentine’s cards, Birthday cards, Anniversaries, Wedding cards, cards celebrating the birth of a girl and also Mother’s Day. These all have a huge variety of designs which incorporate the colour pink, and associated with them are matching wrapping paper rolls and banners, all of which can also be personalised if you want someone special to join in the National Pink Day celebrations. Let’s be honest, there is no shortage of pink heart and flower designs in our range, so you have no excuse not to get in on the National Pink Day fun.

On National Pink Day the general idea is just to throw off your inhibitions, forget the serious side of life for a day and promote the more sensitive and loving side of things. So you can wear pink clothing, jewellery and accessories such as false eyelashes or spectacles, or you can visit the salon and have a pink dye for the day. You could bake up some lovely pink cupcakes or iced buns, or rustle up a fruity pink cocktail or punch for a National Pink Day party. If you are all out of ideas you could just visit your favourite pink-themed café, bar or nail salon, or even just donate to one of the pink charities or good causes.

The main point is, it really doesn’t matter; just embrace your 'pinkness' on June 23rd, and spread the love.

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