Celebrating Father's Day with #jokesfromdad

Celebrating Father's Day with #jokesfromdad

“Why do crabs never give to charity? Because they're shellfish.”

Cue huge groans, rolling of eyes and most likely a dramatic collapse on to the sofa as the room recoils from another of Dad’s awful jokes. But hey, don’t be too harsh, it is Father’s Day soon and we need to remember what we love about him, even if most of the time we just want to hit him in jest with something big but largely painless.

We have decided to honour all Dad’s everywhere with a special competition to showcase their very best trait; telling awful jokes. We want to hear all the jokes you love to hate; the ‘classic Dad jokes’, but maybe before that we need to remind you that, of course, Dads are great in other ways too:

They help us learn key lifeskills like wiring a plug or changing batteries that we will need forever

They are the voice of reason in arguments with our Mum

They show us what great music is even if it takes us years to realise it

They teach us family values and about prioritising those we love

They teach us how NOT to dance!

They give us a sense of adventure

They teach us how to use technology

They teach us how to predict the weather!

They teach us how to be a lone wolf and stay true to ourselves with everlasting tastes in music, fashion and films

Most of all, they are the first man we love, admire and need

But right now, we just remember their bad jokes. And to celebrate that we want to hear all your bad/good Dad jokes. Those one liners that had you chuckling and shaking your head at the same time over dinner, those cringeworthy gags that had you in tears on the long car journey to the coast. We all remember them for their sheer, childish stupidity and maybe some we would rather forget, but for now we want to collect them all together on our Twitter and Facebook pages to showcase the #jokesfromdad that make the world go around.

You know the ones: A man walks into a bar and orders helicopter flavour chips. The barman replies "sorry mate we only do plain".

In the lead up to Father’s Day on June 19th send us your Dad’s jokes with the hashtag #jokesfromdad and we will publish the ones that make us groan the most, and you could be in line to win a hamper full of personalised beer, cider and a personalised card with a matching roll of personalised wrapping paper.

Hamper for fathers day with beer and personalised card with matching gift wrap

Let’s all humour Dad on Father’s Day, and as well as presenting him with a present and a carefully selected Father’s Day card, let’s pretend to laugh at his jokes once more, and you could be a winner at the same time.


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