Celebrating Parents' Day on July 24th

Celebrating Parents' Day on July 24th

It might take a few years for us to fully appreciate our parents, and doubtless there are a couple of years in the middle of that when we find them deeply embarrassing and fundamentally unable to understand us. But we all get through that, and as we settle down and start reflecting on life we appreciate their true value and everything they have taught us.

Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day exist to enable us to say ‘thank you’ to our parents individually for the contribution they each make to our lives. But on July 24th we can celebrate ‘Parents’ Day’ and we can show our appreciation of both our parents together, and the partnership that has truly made us.

Parents’ Day allows us to recognise the communion that brought us into the world, and show an appreciation for the time, effort, love and, let’s face it, the forgiveness and money that has helped us along the road. Our parents are the most important factors in most of our lives and together they form us into the people we become. Parents’ Day is an opportunity to truly thank them for the caring, safe and rewarding upbringing we had and for carefully introducing us to, and guiding us through, all of life’s pitfalls.

We learn all our values from our parents, we pick up basic manners, principles and lifeskills, we learn how to be street smart and financially savvy, and our parents also teach us how to realise our ambitions. They are always there to support us when we succeed, and to help us and encourage us when we get setbacks. We might not realise it at first, but we also take inspiration from our parents in terms of fashion, music, sports and other hobbies and interests, we would just never admit it to them! The lessons we learn from our parents are so strong and enduring that we pass them on to our children too, creating a legacy that our parents will be proud of and that will live on when they have gone.

So Parents’ Day is a great chance to say ‘thank you’ with a simple gesture and a few appropriate words. Here at Dom & Geri we sell a whole range of personalised thank you cards, plus other gifts and banners for you to truly show your appreciation. You can write your own words of thanks and also include poignant photos of you and/or your parents to really produce a unique and memorable gift.

For mopping up all the tears and tying our shoelaces, for all the hugs and kisses, and just for holding our hand both metaphorically and physically, our parents deserve this day to be recognised, and on July 24th you can show them how much they mean to you.    

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