Choose the Cutest Teddy Bear Card for Teddy Bear Day

Choose the Cutest Teddy Bear Card for Teddy Bear Day

Fads, trends and crazes come and go, but the noble teddy bear remains the most popular childrens’ toy ever. We might have loved our bicycle, or our toy garage or hairdressing set, or even the Playstation we had as kids, but nothing beat the warmth, comfort and love of cuddling our favourite teddy bear when we popped off to sleep.

The teddy bear has transcended generations and retains the number one slot as a great provider of entertainment and security to young children, and the acid test of their popularity is that many are retained into adulthood, and pretty much all of us can still name our favourite teddy bear from our youth. So it is not before time that our oldest and most loyal companions have been recognised with their own day of celebration, in the form of Teddy Bear Day on September 9th.

Teddy Bear Day is an opportunity to get your favourite teddy bear out and give back some love. You can make them centre of attention and spoil them for the day, and naturally, this should involve a picnic and lots of treats!

It was 1902 when the then US President Theodore Roosevelt famously refused to shoot a bear on a hunting trip. His nickname of ‘Teddy’ was then attributed to a cuddly toy that was developed in his honour. But before and since this time, children have always taken calm reassurance from their favourite night time comforter, and now it is time to return the favour.

You can mark Teddy Bear Day with a greetings card and we have over 100 cards featuring teddy bears in our range, most of them oozing with cuteness and everlasting memories. The teddy bear is forever cuddling someone on our cards, expressing love or offering friendship or gifts, so there are plenty of ways you can take these images and design something for Teddy Bear Day. You can personalise your card to feature your favourite teddy bear or put your head on a famous bear to make your teddy bear laugh!

We feature teddy bears on Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Valentine’s Cards, New Baby Cards, Mother’s Day Cards, Best Friend Cards, Christening Cards and Get Well Soon Cards. So the teddy bear is possibly our most popular character, and whether you have two teddy bears holding hands in the sunset on a Valentine’s Day Card or sledging down a hill on a Christmas Card, teddy bears are the perfect symbol of friendship and love.

Take a look at some of our favourite teddy bear cards here;

Teddy Bear Christening Card

Teddy Bear New Baby Card

Baby's 1st Birthday Card

Some of the most famous teddy bears have lasted longer than the toys from our childhood; Rupert Bear, Winnie the Pooh, Sooty, Paddington Bear, Fozzie Bear from the Muppets and more recently Pudsey Bear. They all demonstrate the enduring popularity of the teddy bear and now is the time to make our love official on Friday 9th September for Teddy Bear Day.

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