Daddy Cool

Daddy Cool

When we were younger, our dads were our own personal superheroes! They let us stand on their shoulders, swung us around with ease and held our hand firmly in a crowd.

Looking at the balding, wheezy and pot bellied specimen opposite, it's hard to bring up that image now!

They make us laugh more than scared these days with their technological allergies and 'smooth moves' on the floor, 'back in the day, back in the day!' But we love them whole heartedly, our soft-tummied and squinty fathers.

Here at Dom and Geri, we have a great range of vintage Father's Day cards and super dad wrapping paper that can be personalised with message and photo-uploads.

Let's boost their ego this Father's Day with a reminder of what they mean to us. That despite looking a little squidgy round the edges, inside they are still our superheros - Clark Kent eat your heart out!

Here's a tummy tickler - The Evolution of 'Dad Dancing'


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