Dig Those Old Cards Out For National Card Reading Day

Dig Those Old Cards Out For National Card Reading Day

Admit it, we all do it. We save those cards with that especially poignant comment, or that extra funny remark, or the very special design on the front that meant so much more. Occasionally we dig them out and have a read, for no other reason than we need a guaranteed pick-me-up or we want to remember how truly special some of the people in our lives really are.

National Card Reading Day is coming up on February 21st and we’re not talking about tarot cards, business cards or credit cards here, but those wonderful greeting cards we receive that mean so much. We are not short of opportunities to feel soppy and sentimental over the calendar year, but this is perhaps the best one.

Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries all offer us plentiful scope to shower someone with gifts, praise and thoughtful, stimulating words, but they all revolve around a fixed sentiment and/or event. National Card Reading Day is an occasion to enjoy words and sentiments from loved ones without context, and simply for what they are.

OK, we’re being encouraged to do this on a special, pre-arranged date, but it’s a date not dominated by a specific emotion, happening or circumstance which dictates that we offer particular words or actions. On National Card Reading Day we can sift through old birthday cards, expressions of sympathy, good luck and thanks, anniversary cards and wedding congratulations cards, and enjoy the words from friends, colleagues and loved ones free from the notion that we feel compelled or obliged to do so.

If anything, an expression of love should mean more and feel more natural if you read it on any day other than Valentine’s Day. A declaration of sympathy or the offer of thanks is something that should resonate longer than a specific period, these are enduring emotions that can grow in significance the more time passes.

The beauty of greeting cards is that they carry a sentiment that can last forever. We sometimes barely even read a card’s message before ripping open a present or sticking the card on the shelf with the rest of them. But every card carries merit, and is deserving of your attention because someone has made the effort.

So National Card Reading Day is the perfect time to recognise those people who went the extra few yards and made a gesture that deserves to be remembered for years to come. It might even prompt you to send another card to someone deserving.

Sending and receiving cards is the simplest way of making someone’s life a little better, so let’s build and create some memories together for us to remember with fondness for years to come.

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