Doing a Little Something on Random Acts of Kindness Day….And Beyond

Doing a Little Something on Random Acts of Kindness Day….And Beyond

We all need a boost every now and again. Whether it is a momentary pick-me-up in the middle of a stressful day, or a knock on the door and a cup of tea with a friend when you’re feeling low, it’s good to know that good still exists.

There is plenty of pain, suffering, illness and war in the world and sometimes it feels like there is nothing else. But the Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th is just one example of something we can all get involved in to make the world a better place, however briefly, and however singular the beneficiary of that act may be.

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“Kindness inspires kindness” and we all have a duty to remember others and think about how our actions can maybe galvanise people and encourage them to do the same, or better still go one step further. A truly selfless act is something we do for no personal benefit or glory, but simply because we want to.

So what can we do on Random Acts of Kindness Day?

Well, you would be amazed at how a simple act can really restore someone’s faith in humanity and maybe even kick start a new energy or belief in a person’s life, and we should never underestimate how influential our actions can be.


Opening the door for someone is simply courteous and respectful, but is so often seen as a chivalrous act from a man towards a woman. Why not extend this to helping an elderly person, or a younger person, or to be blunt, any person?!

Donating old books to a school or a public library, rather than throwing them away or selling them, is a simple act that can benefit countless people you will never know or meet.

Remember also that compliments cost nothing, so give a few out.

Going out of your way

Picking up a glove or an item bought from a shop when you see someone dropping it can provide untold blessings.

Helping people across the road, or to pack their bags at a busy supermarket are other everyday acts that take seconds out of our lives, but can immeasurably boost someone else’s.

Thinking about someone

Saying thank you to people who don’t often hear it; a police officer, a steward, a bus driver, your postman, a lollipop lady or a work colleague.

Thank you cards are a simple and effective way to recognise a friend, relative or colleague for something that meant a lot to you, or just to say you are thinking of them.

Remembering people who have lost loved ones on Mothers’ or Fathers’ Day is a great way to give someone a shot in the arm, or phoning a single friend up for a chat on Valentine’s Day.

So often our acts can instigate a ripple effect; other people see them, not just the beneficiary. “Kindness inspires kindness”. It is the easiest way to instantly sprinkle a little fairy dust on your tiny patch of the world, and we all have that power; every second of every day, and most importantly, not just on Random Acts of Kindness Day.

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