Dom & Geri Donate Personalised Wrapping Paper To Minster FM Toy Appeal

Dom & Geri Donate Personalised Wrapping Paper To Minster FM Toy Appeal


As soon as we move into December everybody’s thoughts turn to Christmas. Okay, many people have it on their minds long before that, but it is the most exciting time of year and we can’t wait for the excitement to begin. But that’s not the case for everyone.


For some children Christmas Day is just another day, and it is not necessarily a happy time. Think about those poor children who are stuck in hospital awaiting or recovering from an operation, or those children who, through no fault of their own, don’t have the strong family network that others do. For them, there is very little to look forward to.


But thankfully, there are plenty of people about to make sure those children can get a taste of the festive fun. They have all joined together to push the Minster FM Toy Appeal, and at Dom & Geri we are proud to have given our support.


The Minster FM Toy Appeal has launched to allow local people to donate brand new and unwrapped toys to various local drop-off points, and these will be collected and then wrapped and delivered to those children who are most in need of them this Christmas.


Local businesses such as Toymaster and JCT600 are the major sponsors, but dozens of others have come forward to be nominated as drop-off points, where toys can be left for collection later. This is a vital resource for the appeal because it provides convenience and a wider network for dropping-off the toys, and it is a great example of how the North Yorkshire area has grouped together for this brilliant cause. Of course, Dom & Geris were more than happy to get involved and we have designed some bespoke wrapping paper for the occasion. Using our personalised wrapping paper service we have produced and donated 40 rolls of 5m wrapping paper featuring the Minster Monster Mascot, and we can’t wait to see the looks on the children’s faces when they unwrap our paper and see what’s inside.


The appeal was launched on Monday November 7th and already there has been a mountain of toys dropped off for the children, but we just can’t get enough of it and the more that is donated the merrier. You have until Sunday December 11th to drop off any toys before our elves get to work and start wrapping all the presents. Then the JCT600 sleigh thunders into action and prepares to deliver all the presents at Christmas.


Already there is a full team of volunteers assembled to get to work with our customised wrapping paper, but don’t worry if you still want to get involved. The Toy Appeal will still be very grateful for more nominated drop-off points where people can leave toys at their convenience for later collection. All you need to do is register here to play your part.


One of the best things about Christmas is that people don’t just think about themselves. It is a time for giving and sharing, and the Minster FM Toy Appeal is a great way to make sure everyone is thought about this Christmas. Don’t forget, all toys must be brand new and unwrapped. Just deliver the toys with love and the Minster FM Toy Appeal team will do the rest. Thank you.







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