Easter: Bringing together religion and pop culture

Easter: Bringing together religion and pop culture

The Word of God can be told through various mediums, such as hymns, cartoons and school assemblies, but the important question is: Do you listen?

Easter, believe it or not, has more to it than chocolate. Sometimes I think we're so obsessed about an excuse to stuff ourselves so soon after Christmas that we go into a sugary frenzy!

But take off the chocolate-tinted glasses and think about the history of Easter this year. It is the most important holiday in the Church year and the oldest. Not only do we celebrate the forthcoming spring but also the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which echoes the rebirth of Nature after the long winter. It is a chance to start afresh, to stretch our legs and breathe in the fresh spring air.

Easter has a large mix of modern and old traditions so why not take the time to research some of these: it's fascinating to read on how Easter has evolved over the centuries.

To go back to my first point, we've found a YouTube video on Easter that you might just listen to: namely because it involves Rebecca Black.

Information is given to us everyday whether subliminally through a T.V advert or like a slap in the face with a big colourful billboard!

We think we've found a nice balance:

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