Father’s Day: How To Make 2021 Extra Special

Father’s Day: How To Make 2021 Extra Special

Normally you would be planning Father’s Day well in advance and making sure you had lunch in his favourite restaurant booked, maybe go to the pub, or to a show, or the cinema afterwards? Maybe you even plan a weekend away every year? But last year the pandemic struck and a year later in 2021 we still don’t know what will be open on June 20th and what won’t be.


Fortunately, many Governmental restrictions will have been lifted by then so if you plan ahead, you might be able to get a table booked somewhere for a slap-up meal, and of course you can still get a personalised Father’s Day card and a gift wrapped in personalised wrapping paper to make the day extra special. But to be on the safe side you might want some sure-fire plans that nothing can interrupt. In some cases that means going back a few years and relying on some old favourite treats that always worked a trick, and in other cases, it means being a bit more creative!

Breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t like a lovely spread all laid out on a tray on their special day? Let Dad relax in bed and bring him an array of his favourites first thing, just like you used to, and get the day off to the best possible start.

Learn something new together

In our busy daily lives the day-to-day bond between father and child can get lost, so it is nice to hit pause for a day and re-establish those strong family ties. You can do that by searching for an online course you can do together, which can allow you both some quality time. Or you could find an activity like an escape room or a cook-along class, you might even discover a hobby you never thought you’d fancy.

Relive sporting events

Dad might have been prevented from watching his favourite team for the last 12 months, or attending any live events at all. So can you put together a compilation clip of his favourite sporting moments? Turning back the years and reliving some unforgettable occasions is a great way to make the day unique and provides a souvenir that will last forever.

Beer tasting

One thing you can still do at home is sample some choice beers, and you can even do it with friends and family on a remote video call. So plan a group chat and get drinks delivered to all the participants, then you can carry out a safe and distant tasting where you can sample, rank, discuss and enjoy a range of beers you might never have tasted before.

Plan next year

OK this might be painful, but why not do a virtual tour of the world and plan next year’s holidays and maybe even next year’s Father’s Day treat? Hopefully world travel will soon be back on the agenda, but until then you can spend a few hours seeking out new destinations and planning an itinerary. It will inspire you, provide something to look forward to and will certainly pass a few hours at home.


Don’t forget you can still buy the same presents you would do normally, so stock up on your Father's Day wrapping paper and Father’s Day cards and make 2021 a Father’s Day to remember.

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