Father's Day

Father's Day

Next Father's Day is Sunday15 June 2014

The traditional role of the father is to go out and earn money whilst the mother stays at home and bring up the children. Everybody knows you can't get away with whispering 'housewife' near any female these days without armpit hair sprouting and women in power suits marching in riots. But what about men? Usually associated with 'distance' when it come to the kids, they seem to have the easy life. Ask them though and you'll get a very different story! Mother's Day celebrates motherhood worldwide and keen not to be left out,

Father's Day became official in United States in the 1970's in appreciation of our dads.

Fathers. They're the shoulders to sit on, the dopey faces to make you laugh, the university fund and the voice of reason. We should celebrate having them everyday which is why when Father's Day does come around, we're ready with a huge range of cards and wrapping paper.

Make them laugh, make them cry, make them puzzle over the subtle insult but most of all make them proud to be a dad.

personalised fathers day card with the word dad repeated all over

We take our fathers' wallets for granted and fail to see the grey hairs and worry lines. Let's take this day to remind dads everywhere how much we love them (and their dad dancing) with a Dom and Geri card and a thoughtful gift wrapped in matching wrapping paper. We also have some great Personalised Banners for an extra personalised touch, perfect for letting your Dad know that they are still our superheroes- Clark Kent eat your heart out!

Take some inspiration from this video clip which shows the story of a father and daughter reunited after 30 years - we love you dads!!



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