Five Presents Dad Doesn't Want on Father's Day

Five Presents Dad Doesn't Want on Father's Day

As with most such occasions, there is no shortage of people and organisations advising us what to get our Dads on Father’s Day, and for once, we might just heed this advice because Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for. Certainly you can quite easily fall into the trap of relying on very lazy stereotypes provided by businesses that assume all Dads are petrol-heads. But in truth, unless your Dad gives you a specific idea it is sometimes easier to rely on a winning formula from previous years, such as beer, cider or a book voucher in with the Father’s Day card.

Every Dad is different, of course, and there are definitely certain avenues it is advisable not to venture down in order to end up half-heartedly presenting something that simply says “you don’t know me at all”. So here is that list:

1. Any reminders of his age: A hat, a hairdryer or some hair gel for the Dad who is rapidly waving goodbye to his once-proud head of hair will not be well received. Nor will a walking stick or a Zimmer frame!

2. Food when he’s trying to lose weight: We’re sure your Dad loves to indulge in the odd bit of chocolate and crisps on the sly. But if he’s fighting off the onset of ‘middle-age bulge’ he probably won’t appreciate the temptation you present him with on Father’s Day!

3. DIY hints if he is useless: We’ve all done it; the tape measure, a spirit level, a tube of filler to cover up mistakes. But be warned; men are particularly sensitive over their DIY prowess and while you and Mum might laugh like a drain at your inspired ‘gift’, it might just put Dad off trying forever.

4. Novelty items: You know what we mean here; socks, underwear, t-shirts… basically anything cheesy. He won’t thank you for it.

5. A small replica of the real thing: There are times when we like to tease Dad about that expensive treat he’s been longing for, but if it is genuinely outside the family budget then it is unwise to taunt him unnecessarily. A toy version of the Jag he’s had his eye on, a pack of Top Trump playing cards when he really wants the latest games console, even a disposable barbecue when he has desires on that enormous gas-fired beast outside the DIY store. They might raise a smile momentarily, but when that wears off the reality remains that he hasn’t got what he dreams of…….unless you have some more ambitious plans afoot!

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