Five Things That Make Grandma Simply Awesome

Five Things That Make Grandma Simply Awesome

It’s Grandparents Day on September 11th and we are celebrating one half of the partnership that helps your parents guide you through your early years. Grandmas are often the matriarch of the family, but their power and authority is gained through years of experience, and now is your time to dip into this and feed on her wisdom. Grandmas are warm, affectionate and generous but mix this with an acerbic wit, and without knowing it we pick so much up from our Grandparents, and particularly our Grandma, which undoubtedly sets us up for later life.

We have lots of personalised card designs you can choose to celebrate Grandparents Day, whether you want a blank card for your own message or you wish to personalise a card with your own images. Whatever you do to commemorate the day, it is a timely occasion to remember what you love about your Grandma the most:

1. Treats – it doesn’t matter how old you are, Grandma will always shower you with gifts. You know it and your parents know it. It is a Grandma’s prerogative and is one of the simple pleasures they have earnt. Grandmas have learnt that life is too short and you need to enjoy it, so this attitude mixed with an eternal selflessness means that you will never leave Grandma’s house empty-handed.

2. Surprises – knowledge is power and Grandma will never fail to surprise you with her wisdom and with skills she will unearth when you least expect it. Whether it’s being able to knit a jumper, make jam, cook a Sunday Roast, suggest a remedy for a dicky tummy, or how to get a red wine stain out of the carpet, Grandma will know it.

3. Sense of humour – throughout your life, it is unlikely you will meet anyone with a sense of humour quite like Grandma’s. She never takes herself too seriously and she admits that she is gloriously terrible at grasping technology, but she will laugh at almost anything. Furthermore, Grandma has seen it and done it, some of her stories will have you in stitches and will be passed on to your children like a family heirloom.

4. Loves her age – we all go through life with hang-ups about our appearance, how we behave or what people think about us, but we would do well to take a leaf out of Grandma’s book. Grandma knows that age is just a number and you are as old as you feel. Grandma is a free spirit and she simply enjoys life and relaxes, she appreciates that material things aren’t important and she just accepts what she has and gets on with it, and we could do worse than try to emulate her.

5. Honesty – if you want a forthright and candid opinion on anything; be it fashion, music or a boyfriend/girlfriend, you know where to go. Grandma is far too long in the tooth to be afraid of offending anybody, and one of her most endearing qualities is how funny she can be when telling someone the truth. It works both ways of course, and she will fight your corner and take your side against your parents on occasions, and she will keep your secrets if you have confided in her, but at the same time, when you don’t heed her advice, she will be the first to say “I told you so”. But we still love her for it!

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