Five Ways To Personalise Valentine’s Day 2018

However long you and your partner have been together, the challenge of making Valentine’s Day fresh and exciting gets more and more difficult as each year passes. Repeating the same gift or gesture might be a cute thing you share between you on an annual basis, but sooner or later your partner is going to want something different. And then that ‘something different’ gets harder to think of……….

So you need some inspiration, you need something unique and you need an idea that offers a fantastic personal touch, and here at Dom & Geri we have five perfect solutions to your problem.

Personalised cards

You can play the game of the anonymous card signed only with a question mark, or you can cut straight to the chase and declare your love with a unique, personalised card. Choose a design template that your partner will love, choose an image of you, your loved one or the pair of you together, and then finish it off with a special message from your heart. Perfect.

Personalised Valentines wrapping paper

The gift you choose comes from you alone and there is no better way to make that gift truly special and unique than to wrap it in personalised wrapping paper. With tasteful designs to complement the present inside, or with your own images or words, you can create a package that demonstrates your love and the special lengths you will go to in order to show it.

Personalised champagne

Few gifts complement a special occasion better than a bottle of fizz, and for a romantic evening this is a sure-fire winner. You can choose your own image and words to label the bottle and then you can share the bottle together as part of the perfect evening. This will really show you have gone the extra mile, and if champagne isn’t their drink of choice, then you can add the same personal touch to beer, cider, wine or spirits too.

Personalised candles

Setting the mood on Valentine’s Day is part and parcel of the preparation, and a personalised candle gift set is a great shortcut to dimming the lights and curling up together on the sofa to watch a film with a drink after a lovely meal. Tasteful and stylish, we offer a great range of luxury scented candles and diffusers all adorned with your own appropriate personalised message or image.

Personalised banner

Okay, so you have sorted the card, wrapped the present and added a supplementary gift of a bottle of fizz and some candles, all you need to do now is prepare a meal for your loved one, and if you’re eating at home, there is no better way to add the finishing touch than designing a personalised banner to display over the table. Of course you can create a theme so that everything matches, and a banner will be the pièce de résistance and something that will be forever unique to you.

At Dom & Geri we offer a specialist interactive service where you can select and personalise all your own gifts, cards and ideas to make them truly special for the one you love, so visit our site and make a selection from our vast range of ideas and options.  

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