Fun Facts about Easter

Fun Facts about Easter

Easter is quite possibly the most exciting Christian holiday after Christmas, and traditionally symbolises the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Widely celebrated, the popular event is marked by exchanging chocolates and sweets, a huge hit for children and boosting gym membership’s midyear! This year Easter falls on Sunday 20th of April and now is the time to start stocking up on all your family’s favourite treats. To get you in the mood we at Dom and Geri have compiled a list of tasty chocolate titbits.

  • 76% of people devour the ears of their chocolate bunny first (we wonder why?!).
  • Our American cousins consume more than 16 billion jellybeans at Easter – that’s enough to circle the globe three times over!
  • In the UK each child receives an average of 8.8 Easter eggs, now that’s a lot of chocolate!
  • The first chocolate egg produced in the UK was in 1873 in Bristol, however it is Germany that can claim credit for the first ever.
  • The most popular chocolate egg is the Cadbury’s Crème Egg (we are still awaiting the giant version!).
  • Over 90 million chocolate bunnies are produced each year. That's enough to populate the Netherlands AND the UK. Imagine two countries of bunnies!
  • The official term for the traditional act of painting eggs is called Pysanka and is in fact of Ukrainian origin.
  • For those of you who need more daylight hours to search for eggs, no need to worry, Easter won't fall on March 22nd until 2285!
  • For bribery tips, 75% of children say they would be more willing to do chores in return for more Easter sweets! (Now there’s an idea for all the mums and dads out there!)

Well there you have it, all you need to know for Easter 2014. To accompany the mountain of eggs, millions of cards are sent and received every year to celebrate the occasion. Typically, Easter Cards are generally very traditional, so why not leave your own stamp this Easter by making a unique and exciting card to mark this year’s festivities?

Dom and Geri offer a range of bespoke, unique Easter cards which will go down a treat with your chocolate! To wrap these delights, why not personalise your own wrapping paper and gift tags with whatever you choose!


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