Fun Things To Do With The Kids This Easter

Fun Things To Do With The Kids This Easter

Kids love holidays; that’s been the law since the beginning of time. They don’t really take much interest in what the holiday is for or about, but if there are two weeks instead of one, then all the better. On the flipside, holidays can be a troublesome period for parents; having to take time off work, thinking of things to do and avoiding fractious cabin fever when the weather is inevitably rubbish.

At Dom & Geri, we are here to spread some cheer however. Of course our main aim is to enhance the gift of giving, and provide presents, cards, banners and wrapping paper for any occasion, but we also promote the warmth and love that comes from a solid family unit and the great feeling you get from having fun, especially at holiday time. So with the Easter break coming up soon, we’ve put our thinking caps on and drawn up a list of cool ideas to keep the kids occupied, make the most of some precious family time and which won’t break the bank at the same time.

  • Easter Egg Hunt: Whether you do this in your own back garden, the local park or at a bigger organised event, an Easter Egg hunt kills a few birds with one stone. It teaches the kids a bit about Easter, it helps them get busy and creative by decorating eggs, and then it provides a game for them to play afterwards, with plenty of rewards.
  • Car Boot Sale: Spring is here and the holidays provide the perfect time to do some spring cleaning. While this might sound like a chore to most kids, you can dress it up as an opportunity by introducing a goal at the end of it. Identifying clothes, toys, games or books that are no longer needed help tidy up the home and can go towards a car boot sale, or could even be put on eBay. What you do with the proceeds is entirely up to Mum and Dad!
  • Visit a farm: Easter is a great time of year at a farm, as life begins to return after the barren winter months and animals start to enjoy the great outdoors again. If you are lucky, it’s also lambing season and there might be an opportunity to see some beautiful new-borns taking their first steps in the world. 
  • Museums: These can include a little cost, but there are often some offers on at Easter and be sure to take advantage of family tickets. There are plenty to choose from which mix education with interactive fun, and if you really want to explore the Easter theme, then ‘The Chocolate Story’ in York is a must.
  • Get Active: With the weather improving, it is much easier to get the kids outdoors. Dust down the bike or scooter or take a trip out to the wilds. You are never far away from a National Trust or English Heritage site, or natural woodland where you could try your hand at orienteering or make your own Treasure Hunt.
  • Home craft: You are sure to end up with plenty of discarded Easter Egg boxes during the holidays, but before you condemn them to the recycling bin, why not get creative? Robots, animals or a puppet theatre; there is a world of discovery to be found once the chocolate has gone!
  • Give a gift: It’s hard to keep the kids away from tablets and computers, so why not get something productive out of it? On our site you can make interactive cards and banners personalised just how you want them. We have gift products and wrapping paper to make a themed set that is great fun to design, easy to do and keeps the kids occupied.

Holidays offer some rare quality time with the family and it pays to think ahead and plan, so make sure you get the most out of it and good luck!


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