How Instagram Became The Fashionable Social Media Channel

It is hard to remember a life before Instagram, but there was one. It didn’t even exist until 2010, but now, eight years and 500 million worldwide users later, it has become the most popular social media channel, opening up possibilities and opportunities for people in all walks of life.

Whether you primarily use it as an outlet for personal photos on a social level, for following your favourite celebrities, sports stars or bands, or whether your business uses it as a marketing tool, Instagram has overtaken all the other social media platforms as the most fashionable around. So why is that?


Instagram is perfect for artists, businesses and for brands, because they can connect to their audience and show a human side to themselves. And it is great for regular users because they can connect with friends, they can seek out influencers and take some tips off them and they can maybe use it to start their own business.


Undoubtedly, Instagram is fashionable because it is ‘living in the moment’, it is live, it is on the go. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you can share it worldwide within seconds and people are attracted to that. It is also a pretty simple app with a robust structure, and not too many options to make it confusing and complex when you are just trying to capture the moment.


Of course the major attraction of Instagram is that it is visual and exciting. Scrolling through your timeline is a constant feed of something new and often unexpected. If you mix your timeline with friends and celebrities your feed will be both funny and inspirational and even aspirational. Where else can you scroll from an image of your best friend to Kylie’s latest post and check out how they both look? Your feed is a cosy little hub that is unique and only you control.

Young and fresh

Instagram has a younger average demographic compared to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, for example. It is of course more image-led, and has more energy and vivacity than other platforms, which can be more of an outlet for personal thoughts or political messages.

Maximum exposure

Of course you can play around with your security settings, but Instagram offers you maximum public exposure in an instant, which can be a great outlet for your message or images. Other social media platforms have limits and are more text-based, but hashtag well on Instagram and the world’s your oyster.


Instagram is not a place for heavy or extended engagement, it is a platform for fun, colour, ideas and inspiration. Brevity is the order of the day and in today’s fast-paced, on-the-move environment a short, sharp, strong message is what creates attention, and Instagram is perfect for that.

Check out what’s happening

Finally, it is so easy to track trends on Instagram and appreciate what is happening, whether you are looking for fashion, music, dining out, art, culture or interior design. A quick search will open up everything you need as a reflection of what is happening now. This is great for brands or start-up businesses as it acts effectively as cheap market research and gives you instant access to what people in your target market are doing.

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