How To Be Romantic

How To Be Romantic

Want to do something extra special for your loved one this Valentine’s Day but feel like you’ve hit the wall when it comes to finding ways to be romantic? If this sounds like you, you’ll be pleased to know that romance is about more than big gestures and public proclamations, in fact as cliché as it may sound, it’s really the little things that count. (Not that large boxes of chocolates won’t be graciously accepted of course!)

Whether you want to do something simple or slightly over the top, we’ve put together the ultimate list of romantic ideas to make your loved one’s heart flutter on the 14th of February this year.

1.Put a creative twist on a bunch of roses and add one white flower into a red bouquet with a little note saying “You’re my pick of the bunch!”.

2.Recreate the moment you met or your very first date and turn it into a Valentine’s Day tradition every year.

3.Spend the whole day watching a marathon of romantic movies followed by dinner by candlelight – a little wining and dining never hurt anybody!

4.Become a poet and put your feelings on paper…or a one of a kind personalised card! You can slide it under their pillow so that they wake up to find it or even place it under the windshield of their car as a surprise before they leave for work.

5.Share your feelings online for all your friends, family and followers to see – yes really! In fact, a study back in 2013 revealed that taking to Twitter overtook texting and phone calls as the most popular way for users to express their feelings and impress that someone special in their life. And who said romance was dead?

6.Pay them regular compliments throughout the day by calling and sending messages simply to tell them what you love most about them.

7.Create a new memory and experience something completely new together for the first time. Whether it’s a spontaneous adrenaline rush or a saucy salsa lesson, it will be a bonding moment you’ll remember forever!

8.Has your Valentine got a single sibling or best friend? Be extra thoughtful and invite them along to join you for the evening. Not only will they appreciate your kind offer but your partner will no doubt be impressed and touched by your gesture.

Have you ever received a ridiculously romantic gift for Valentine’s Day or gone to drastic measures to win over someone’s heart? Tweet us @domandgeri and share your romantic stories and ideas with us!

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