How To Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary

How To Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary

Whether it is your first or your fortieth, a wedding anniversary is a special day for both of you. How couples celebrate a wedding anniversary can be very personal to them, but as each year passes it can become difficult to make it a truly unique occasion.

A wedding anniversary is about much more than exchanging gifts, even if you use special personalised wrapping paper to make it personal and unique. And a wedding anniversary doesn’t have to be expensive and elaborate, even if convention says it does! It is really about spending time together and celebrating another year of your successful partnership. This can be done in a way that is creative and a surprise, so take a look at some of these different ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary and work out how to make your special day the perfect one for you and your partner.

Look back through your wedding photos

This is a simple way to reminisce, remember some old faces and have a few laughs about hiccups on the day. If you have a wedding video too, all the better. Of course an anniversary is all about remembering your wedding day, but going through all the visual reminders really brings it back to life.

Cook or bake together

Making quality time to create some gorgeous food is not something there is always opportunity for in life. Cooking can sometimes be a chore or a rushed or last minute thing. Create some time for you both to prepare a three-course meal or a show-stopping cake, and you will feel the love when you eat it.

Get the caterers in

Alternatively, let someone else do it. Lavish cuisine in your own home feels like going out if you can sit and have a drink whilst someone else is slaving away in the kitchen. Caterers can deliver restaurant quality food in your own home, so take a break and enjoy being waited upon for a change.

Movie Night

Get your comfies on, stock up on snacks, dim the lights and stick your favourite movie on. And if you can somehow do this outside on a warm, summer’s night that will really make it special.

Get your wedding presents back out

You surely still have them, right? Whatever it is – tea set, garden furniture or a slow cooker – make it a theme for the celebration and you can have a laugh about it at the same time.

Photo shoot

Getting dressed up for a photo shoot takes you out of your comfort zone and gives you an excuse to glam up for the day. A professional photographer can produce a unique and special set of images of you and your loved one, which will be second only to your wedding photos.

Wine tasting

These can be done as online sessions or you might want to invite some friends round, but sourcing a few different bottles and some expert tasting notes is a great way to mark a special occasion, to learn a few new things and to have a right old giggle along the way.

Portrait painting

You’re never too old to learn new skills, so try a portrait painting course or just try doing a sketch of each other. No one knows you better than your other half, but see if they can catch your best characteristics in another way to help you relax, enjoy each other’s company and laugh like you never have before.

Throw a party

Yeah, it’s an oldy but a goody. The wedding anniversary might be about you two, but often we want to share it with friends and family too, so get some personalised wedding anniversary banners made up, decorate the house and/or garden and invite your loved ones round to enjoy your special day. 

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