How To Choose The Best Photos For Your Personalised Wrap

How To Choose The Best Photos For Your Personalised Wrap

The development of technology has been very kind to us at Dom and Geri. Without digital photography and all the tricks you can do with imaging software, we wouldn’t be able to offer our very popular personalised wrapping paper and cards. We have come a long way from simply pointing and clicking, and right now, the simple act of taking a photo is just the beginning of what is possible, and what you can do with that image you have captured.

Our personalised wrapping paper is a great example of the way technology has allowed us to be more imaginative and creative in our own homes. Sending a present to a loved one is a great way to add a personal touch and make a warm gesture even more special and unique. We have personalised templates for all occasions; Birthdays, Christmas, Christenings, Weddings and Engagements, Thank You, Good Luck, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and Easter. You can play around until your heart’s content working with different templates and trying to incorporate different pictures, but our easy-to-use system will provide the results for you, and our in-house hi-tech production facility will then deliver you a superb quality product to wow your loved ones.

But personalised wrapping paper is only as good as the image or text you choose. Given the list of occasions above, it should not be hard to understand and appreciate the kind of image or sentiment that is required. Wedding paper should have an image of the happy couple, smiling and happy, with the words ‘congratulations’ or ‘good luck’ thrown in for good measure, not an image of just one of them, or where one or both of them are looking unhappy or, in fact, anything less than ecstatic. Christening paper should have a copy of the gorgeous bundle of joy laughing and playing, not crying or with a dummy in. ‘Thank You’ or ‘Good Luck’ paper will tend to be more specific to an individual or an event, while ‘Get Well Soon’ paper, ‘Sorry You’re Leaving’ or ‘With Sympathy’ will of course feature a more sober message or image.

The sentiment of the paper should be reflected in the image or text that you use. For children, the photo should be more natural, or could feature a specific photo that is a particular favourite for personal reasons. While for a photo of the happy couple for wedding paper, you are wanting a more traditionally-posed photo with a good view of both people, but it doesn’t stop you using one where they are both laughing or playing around. 

Of course, to some extent you can use photo editing software to ‘touch up’ digital photos, to remove ‘red eye’ or to make them lighter or to remove things in the background. However, the photo you use should always be central and framed well, and should include a background that doesn’t clash or blend in too much with the colour of the paper you intend to use. For example, using a photo of the happy couple in a field of grass won’t look great against green paper, or a beautiful blue sky in a photo will be lost if you choose light blue paper also.    

Our website talks you through the personalised wrapping design process and explains what size images you can use from a technical point-of-view. But it is so easy to use and play around with options, that believe it or not, if you follow these guidelines above, it is hard to make a bad one.      

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