How to Use Your Wrapping Paper in Different Ways

How to Use Your Wrapping Paper in Different Ways

Have you ever celebrated a special occasion and found yourself left with a pile of pretty wrapping paper and nothing to do with it? Well, waste no more because the next time you find yourself pondering about what to do with your left over wrap, rather than throw it away, recycle it into something fun and useful to brighten up your home with one of our simple DIY ideas:

Cut it

If you’ve received a present wrapped in some rather fancy paper, grab a pair of scissors and get ready to get creative! Cut the wrap into small pieces to use as table confetti at your next dinner party or sprinkle into a gift bag to make an extra special gift to give to someone else.

Frame it

One way to recycle your wrap is to frame it. Not only is this a fun and easy way to create your own wall art, but will also serve as a special reminder of why and from whom you received the gift in the first place. You can even create a wall of wrap using cut-outs and frames of all different shapes and sizes.

Box it

Turn an ordinary cardboard box into a special keepsake box by covering it in pretty wrapping paper. This can also be an affordable way to create your own storage solutions as well as to make use of any boxes you have lying around the house. Once wrapped you can stack your new, beautiful boxes on shelves or in wardrobes to store all the items you once thought you didn’t have a place for.

Line it

Some may consider it a bit old fashioned to line draws with paper, however if you’ve got a stash of wrap in bright, bold colours, this is an easy way to spruce up your furniture. Not only that, but the wrap will help protect the inside of your drawers and maybe even inspire you to be more organised too.

Cover it

Wrapping paper is ideal for transforming the look of your books. If you have a large enough piece you can use it as a full book cover or, if you only have a few small pieces, use them decorate your book with wrap cut-outs to brighten up your bookcase or your children’s school books.

Browse our wide range of wrapping paper designs and give your DIY wrap creations a personalised touch.

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