Ideas for Mother's Day

Ideas for Mother's Day

"Making the decision to have a child-it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."
-Elizabeth Stone

You know that your mother is always going to be the most important woman in your life. She devotes her life to bringing you up properly and even after that she will always be fretting after you in one way or another. We therefore ask before you return to your busy life that you take a minute just to reflect on everything your Mum has done for you and how much you truly appreciate her.

We certainly appreciate her and indeed motherhood worldwide, which is our why we have such a large range of cards and wrapping paper that celebrate Mother's Day or as it is called in Ireland and the UK, Mothering Sunday. Back in the days of Yore before holidays were invented (the horror) Mothering Sunday was the one day off a year in which families spent the day together (there's a whole drag about it being a religious day but i'll let you look that up for yourself).

Mother's Day as we know it now is a whole different kettle of fish (American) but both praises motherhood and the day is actually celebrated on different dates around the world. However, this is NOT an excuse to cover up that you have forgotten. So instead of running to the 24 hour garage, limbs flailing, to get a standard Milk Tray and present her with a clump of next door's soily roses, be organised this year and treat her to a personalised card and gift wrap from Dom and Geri.

We've also got five great tips and gift ideas to pamper the leading lady this Mother's Day. However if you think you could fill in any blanks please get in touch and have your comments posted!

  • Did you know Mothering Sunday is known as Pudding Pie Sunday in Surrey? Now cast your mind back to the painful lunch box requests of crustless egg mayonnaise sandwiches without the mayonnaise and disguising any nutrition in desperation. Why not make her breakfast in bed or better yet, let her sleep in and make brunch? We've found a great website for Mother's Day recipes. We especially like the idea of heart shaped eggy bread with cinnamon bananas – yum!
  • Our mothers are always on their feet, juggling a million things a day. Why not treat her to a pamper day at a spa? Discount voucher sites such as Groupon, Red Letter Days and Wowcher have great deals on luxury. Or you could do it yourself - You Tube has a step by step guide on how to give great head massages, foot rubs and mani pedis.
  • At some point we've all mistaken mums for chauffeurs. 'Quiet Mother, I cannot be disturbed during Fifa time!' or 'I'm with my friends here Diane please do not interrupt! We'll speak later in the kitchen when I demand dinner.' How about driving her around for the day? The shock on her face when you tip an imaginary hat and open the passenger door for her will be priceless...not so much when you ask for a tip!
  • Mothering Sunday of course lands...on a Sunday, funnily enough. And that day in the UK is notorious for roast dinners with ALL the trimmings (slaver, slaver!). Imagine how much she would love having her feet up whilst you lot slave away in the kitchen! That is unless you do anything different, or set fire to the roast in which case I've heard supermarkets stock 'Roast Dinner in a can' - lovely.
  • Finally what's better than a bit of nostalgia? I'm sure your mum would be thrilled that YOU are getting the baby books out for a change, and not turning an unhealthy colour as she shows your new girlfriend the 'YMCA' shot. Finish off with a chick flick (yes that's right, her hopeful mention of 'Bridget Jones's Diary' won't be ignored this time) and some very indulgent chocs.

From everyone here at Dom and Geri we wish mothers all over the world a very happy Mother's Day!

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