Matching Christmas Cards And Wrapping Paper From Dom and Geri

Matching Christmas Cards And Wrapping Paper From Dom and Geri

It’s no secret that Christmas seems to get bigger and bigger every year. We start planning earlier, we spend more hours getting everything right for it, and we probably spend more money each year also. But all the effort is worth it, or we wouldn’t bother would we?

As Christmas gets bigger, the little things become more and more important and one of those is the presentation of…..well…..presents. When the kids rush in and tear open their presents, they perhaps don’t appreciate the thought and care that has gone into wrapping them, but plenty of people do. Cards are also an important part of Christmas, and something we spend more and more time on getting right. The festive scene of a Christmas tree surrounded by a sleigh full of presents and matching cards is one of the most classic and traditional Christmas images there is, and to create that picture perfect scenario you need to start your planning now, and we can help you.

Dom & Geri stocks a whole host of matching Christmas wrapping and cards ideas, which will suit every member of the family. You could personalise your wrapping and cards with uploaded photos of your choosing, or you could match the presentation of your gifts and cards with one of our range of humorous styles, which could be Christmas spoof jokes or something along a more ‘adult’ theme.

Of course we have no shortage of traditional Christmas images that can be matched together such as Snowmen, Robins, Christmas Trees, Children playing in the snow, Santa on his sleigh or simply bells and holly aplenty.

We have plenty of wrapping ideas for children too with teddy bears, dogs, reindeer, fairies and plenty of other Christmas-themed images all depicted in a style to suit the little people who love Christmas so much. And matching cards to wrapping paper is a great way to teach the kids about presentation and so they can impress their school friends too.

Another increasingly popular style is contemporary wrapping paper and cards, for those people who like to add a little style and class and maybe prefer to do something different and away from the norm. Of course there is nothing more contemporary than personalising your own Christmas cards and wrapping paper, but we also stock modern designs that maybe illustrate the traditional Christmas images in a more refined and imaginative manner.

Browse through our website for the wealth of possibilities that will light up your imagination like Santa’s Grotto. You can play with different styles for all members of the family and mix and match to find matching cards and wrapping paper to suit everyone. And why not throw in some matching gift tags too to complete the stylised effect and make Christmas morning one to truly remember?

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