Mother's Day Competition: Why Mums Are Simply The Best

Mother's Day Competition: Why Mums Are Simply The Best

For many of us our mum’s are our everyday heroes and the person we look up to most in the world. Through good times and bad, they’re always there to give us advice (or tell us off!) when we need it.

Is your mum your role model? This Mother’s Day we want you to head to Twitter and tell us why your mum is the best! Simply tag @domandgeri and use the hashtag #MumsTheBest to be entered into our lucky draw to win The Ultimate Design Your Own Fragrance Kit. We’ll also be handpicking our favourite entries and sharing them right here on our blog.



You’ll have until Mother’s Day 6 March 2016 to enter and we’ll be announcing the lucky winners on Monday 7 March.

Here are some of the reasons why we think mums are the best!

  1. She has the answer to everything As much as we don’t want to admit it, mums are always right! And when we’re standing at a crossroad in our life, we can always look to them to point us in the right direction.
  2. She will never judge Whether you made some questionable fashion choices as a child or decided to skip your curfew a few too many times, you know that despite it all your mum will never judge you for your actions and best of all, she’ll always forgive you!
  3. She’s a ray of sunshine on a rainy day Whenever you feel down in the dumps you know you can look to your mum for cheering up. Not only that, but you know you can rely on her to always show you the silver lining in any dark cloud.
  4. She’s the ultimate cook No Michelin star chef in the world could compete with a home cooked meal. Whether it’s the extra dollop of love or the fact that seconds are always guaranteed, only our mums cooking can speak to our soul.
  5. She’s a real life superhero From multitasking to putting up with your mood swings, not only do mums know it all, but they can do it all too – mum to the rescue!

This Mothering Sunday, be sure to set some time aside to tell your mum how special she is and treat her to a day off – we think she deserves it, don’t you?

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