Mum's The Word – But What's The Pressie?

Mum's The Word – But What's The Pressie?

It’s Mothers’ Day on Sunday 6th March and you’re starting to panic, right? Bunches of flowers and chocolates are very worthy, they're just not very personal.

You see, your mum’s human. And an amazing one at that. She brought you into the world, washed your socks and dried your tears when you got dumped by that kid with the skin problem in Year 7. The least she deserves is a big kiss and a little thought, so here are some ideas that might just save the day.

Give a goat

If your mum’s the caring type – and hey, she’s a mum, right, so why wouldn’t she be? – you could buy her a goat. Not for the garden (they play merry hell with the begonias), but for an African village. You can buy a local goat that’s fully vaccinated, healthy and ready to supply a family with milk for just £25.

Sticking with the organic feel, how about an indoor allotment? For a few pounds, you can buy a small patch of basil, coriander and oregano seeds that even comes with its own miniature shed... one that’s too small for your dad to get all man-cavey about!

Or how about a personalised fingerprint keychain? This is a very thoughtful silver keyring stamped with the fingerprints of you and any siblings. 

No-faff coffee

Then there’s an amazing tea and coffee maker/infuser that does away with the standard faff-around of tea- and coffee-making, including the sloppy stains on the bin lid (a personal bugbear here at Dom and Geri). For less than £17, you can simply throw your loose tea leaves and coffee grains into a big jug, stick your cup underneath and let the flavour out, as they say.

If you're thinking of something more personal, take a look at our personalised champagne and wines, or even our beautifully scented candles.

Whatever you decide, the best of British. And if you’ve bought something you can wrap, why not make it even more special, with personalised Mothers’ Day wrapping paper.



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