Our New Website Is Live!

A change is as good as a rest, as the old saying goes, and at Dom & Geri we felt it was time to refresh the business with a new website. Our business has been going from strength to strength, with our expanded product range taking in more and more special occasions and our personalised service for cards, banners, gifts and wrapping paper opening up a whole new world of interactive options for our customers. But if you stand still too long then people catch up with you, so to stay ahead of the game we have invested in a new website to improve our service even further.

The new website is online now and we are really excited to hear what our customers think about it and how it has improved their consumer experience with Dom & Geri.

Faster browsing and more product options

Cleaning up the data and working with new software has enabled the new website to be much faster than the old one, so all the great product options you want to see, and all the personalised products you have designed will load much quicker and speed up your browsing time.

But not only that, we have introduced some great new features so that it is easier to see your products, and easier to choose between different options. We have improved the drop-down menus so that it is much easier to navigate between products and the checkout process is also much faster, so this should make your shopping experience with Dom & Geri far more enjoyable.

Of course we have been mindful not to change too much, and you can still see the great range of products that you could before, with cards, banners and gifts for every occasion. We have just cleaned up the site and added some great new features to enhance your experience with us. 

Our founders Dom & Geri commented: “The new website is something we have talked about for quite some time, and now was the right time to do it. Our service relies so much on the visual and interactive element of the site, where customers can personalise their products and choose from loads of different options, and because technology has improved so much to make this easier, we felt it was the right time to update the site and relaunch it.”

Dom & Geri’s moving into a new era

Dom & Geri has even appeared on TV in recent months, with our personalised wrapping paper being seen on ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ and ‘The Gadget Show’ and a new feature of our website highlights these, as well as promoting our social media channels and also highlighting product reviews we have received from our customers.
All in all, the new website is now ready to take Dom & Geri forward into a new era, and will allow us to continue serving you to the standards you have become accustomed to, and we will leave the final word to Dom & Geri themselves: “We are really excited about the new website and the options it offers the customers, we have plans to make Dom & Geri even bigger and better in the next few years and this new website will allow us to do that, and it is a reward for our loyal customers by making their experience with us even better!”

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