Personalise a Birthday Card to Your Brother or Sister This Year

Personalise a Birthday Card to Your Brother or Sister This Year

Siblings fight, everybody knows it, at least for a few years anyway. Then this turns into mild teasing and frequent micky-taking before eventually settling on mutual love and friendship, which of course has always been there beneath the surface, it’s just that neither of you would admit it until you find a certain sense of maturity.

The brother and sister relationship pretty much follows this same path and is often illustrated quite succinctly in the exchanging of birthday cards, where running gags are renewed and childhood taunts are revisited, the crucial difference being that we can quite openly laugh at them now and see the funny side.

Birthday cards between brother and sister quite often feature age jokes or jibes about drinking habits or your prowess with the opposite sex. You might prefer to take a pot shot at their fashion sense or lack of it, or a favourite pop star they would now deny all knowledge of once owning the entire back catalogue of. Other familiar territory between opposite siblings is favouritism and promoting the sender as being the ‘best brother/sister in the world’. But at a certain age, this might change to fighting your sibling’s corner, and offering protection and love.

Certainly at Dom & Geri there is the full range of birthday card designs to choose from – humour, retro, photographic, adult, traditional, contemporary - which can all be personalised to suit the occasion and the person in question, and to make completely unique and special with whatever individual message you would like to add.

You can choose from any one of hundreds of designs and upload your own photos to make it truly unique and extra personal. You can move, rotate and resize the image and change the size and colour of the text on the front, while also fully personalising the card with a name. Inside the card you can add your own personal message to complete the exclusive nature of this brilliant and unforgettable one-off card.

The process on our website is extremely simple, and there are plenty of suggestions along the way which allow you to improve the card with features you maybe hadn’t even thought of. All through the process you can see on the screen what you have produced, so there can be no confusion or misunderstandings before the final confirmation. Furthermore, you can supplement the birthday card with wrapping paper and tags to truly finish off and complete this distinctive and thoughtful gift.

Without doubt, your brother or sister may think you have had some kind of personality transplant when they see the effort you have gone to in producing such a special card courtesy of Dom &, just don’t let them know it was actually really easy.

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