Pro Tips for Wrapping Difficult Shaped Presents this Christmas

Pro Tips for Wrapping Difficult Shaped Presents this Christmas

We’ve all been there; mid-December, you’re nearly finished wrapping your friends and families presents, but you’re left with that one gift in the corner that looks impossible to wrap. That’s why at Dom & Geri, we have decided it’s time to share our wisdom and give these top tips for wrapping difficult and unusual shaped presents. Whether it’s a mug, pair of socks, homemade cookies or a 4-foot toy giraffe, these techniques will ensure you have them wrapped in no time without any stress! 

This guide will cover three techniques of wrapping a difficult shape gift with step by step instructions to make it as easy and beautiful as possible.

Before you begin

Make sure you have prepared your area to make this wrapping process easier. Although it’s common to end up wrapping on a bed or the carpet, a hard surface will make wrapping your presents smoother, and you’ll end up with a neater finish. Sharp scissors will ensure your cuts are smooth and fast. A high quality Christmas wrapping paper from Dom & Geri that will cope with the weight of the gift without tearing and folding will make the whole process so much easier. Combining the wrapping paper with a matching card and even banner can really make your presents stand out. With personalised wrapping paper starting from £3.99 you can make a huge impact on the presentation of your gifts without breaking the bank

Technique 1. The Wrapping Paper Gift Bag 

This technique enables you to create your own gift bag out of wrapping paper, which the present will then slot into, regardless of shape.

This technique creates a sealed gift bag and can use the same wrapping paper as the normal shaped gifts. It’s neat, classy, and once you’ve mastered this technique, it can be used again and again for any item or special occasion.
This technique suits all items but is a perfect solution for irregular shaped items such as purses, toys, pencil cases and mugs.

The main difference with this technique I that the folds are made without the item, then the item is placed inside near the end. The steps are as follows:

1.    Lay out the roll of paper and place the gift on top of it
2.    Cut the paper with plenty of room to spare
3.    Fold the vertical edges so that they overlap by an inch or so and secure together
4.    To create the base, fold the bottom up, ensuring it’s large enough to fit the depth of the gift and press down to crease
5.    Open it out and press the wrapping paper down so it forms a diamond with two triangles on the top layer
6.    Fold the top and bottom tips of the diamond towards the centre and secure. This will end up making a hexagon shape. 
7.    Stand upright and open up the pouch, at this point it’ll look like an open gift bag
8.    Place gift inside
9.    Trim down the top to just above the gift height 
10.    Fold the top over and secure

Technique 2. Wrap an Existing Box

If you find yourself with an awkward gift shape but lucky enough to have a box lying about, then this is a great method. This technique is perfect when the present is fragile or very large and is super easy to achieve a neat look. Just make sure your wrapping paper is the right size for your gift!

1.    Wrap the inside and outside of the base and lid with personalised Christmas wrapping paper. Ensure to press the folds to make them neat and straight!
2.    Fill the box with tissue paper to ensure the gift is secure so it can’t rattle or be damaged
3.    Tie a bow around the box and secure a matching personalised card to the box to make the gift extra special

Technique 3. Paper Bouquet 

This is a great technique for items such as a mug, plant pot or bottle. The super simple technique can be really impactful with just a bit of initial preparation. You’ll need a piece of cardboard, which you may find lying about the house from an old delivery box. To create a wrapping paper bouquet, just follow the following steps: 

1.    Cut a circle from a piece of cardboard a couple of inches larger than the base of your gift
2.    Cut wrapping paper large enough to surround the gift with some spare to spread out at the top once it’s made
3.    Place wrapping paper on a surface, and then pop the cardboard round on top
4.    Place the gift on top of cardboard (it can be a good idea to secure the gift with double-sided tape)
5.    Simply gather the edges and corners of the wrapping paper above the gift 
6.    Secure with a bow

Complete the Look

There’s something extremely satisfying in achieving a flawless finish when wrapping a Christmas present, and these tips hopefully help you achieve this. Considering the time you put in to choose the presents and making sure they are wrapped perfectly, perhaps make it extra special by ordering matching personalised cards and wrapping paper to really give your presents a cohesive and elegant look. 

Order your personalised Christmas wrapping paper from Dom & Geri today and achieve a great finish, no matter how difficult the shape of the gift is! 

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