Reusing and Recycling Guide

Reusing and Recycling Guide

Here at Dom and Geri we offer full ranges to complete your whole celebration theme, which include matching cards, wrapping paper and banners. Whether you are buying for your child’s 1st birthday or your parents 60th wedding anniversary Dom & Geri have you covered.  

We go above and beyond for every single customer.  Our products help people celebrate some of their biggest milestones and achievements and therefore we want it to be perfect for that moment.  With that in mind, we have made the relevant changes to do our part for the environment, and become more green. Making sure that all our products can be recycled to try to do our part to help being sustainable. We’re always encouraging you to let people know that you care, we want to reassure you that we care, too. 

Here’s what we have done so far…

We try to reduce our waste as much as possible – most of this is paper based so can be recycled or even better re-used and any plastic I.e Cellotape, we try to look at eco-friendly alternatives. 
Below we have created a guide that shows you exactly which parts of your Dom and Geri are made from recycled materials and whether or not you can reuse, recycle or compost them. 
Dom and Geri reusing and recycling guide

Home is where the heart is

All Dom and Geri products are printed in house, in the UK, the lovely seaside town of Saltburn-By-The-Sea to be precise! By selling custom-made cards, gift wrap and banners, we’re reducing wasted resources by only printing what you order. 
Cara processing an order, holding up two personalised cards

We try not to waste.

Our wrapping paper and banner paper arrive with 2” cardboard cores. Once we’ve printed all the roll the cardboard tube is then given a second lease of life. We cut down the cores to fit your Personalised medium and small banners inside for posting and add a stopper for protection. It stops them from going straight into the recycling, and saves us money on packaging which helps to keep our prices lower and competitive.
Furthermore, we sometimes receive damaged paper from our supplier, but instead of throwing this away, we have started a scheme whereby we supply this to a local nursery so the local kids can use it.


Our Orders

Sometimes our orders become damaged in the packing process or the roll runs out mid-print. Instead of discarding these as waste, we are trying to send on the half-printed order to the customer for them to use free of charge. This is where our 'Jackpot ticket' paper was created.

Oops jackpot ticket

Always reusing and recycling where we can.

We save all our boxes that we receive our deliveries in. We often post larger orders in the same box our rolls of paper come in.
Recycled and reused boxes for orders

Paper and Packaging. Think outside the box.

The wrapping paper, cards and banners we produce are sustainably sourced, fully recyclable and FSC certified. Recycling from the high-street can sometimes be tough. First, you must dispose of any embellishments, ribbon, or glitter as none of those components can be recycled. There’s also the worry that some high street cards are made with plastic or include foil material, which also means they can’t be recycled. However, with a Dom and Geri you’ll never need to worry about recycling or up-cycling. Our products are 100% recyclable and you can also feel assured that our materials are from sustainable sources. We don’t feature any glitter or additional components that cannot be recycled.
As are our boxes, banner tubes and paper envelopes. We have sourced lightweight but durable envelopes to keep postage costs low for our customers too. 
Wrapping paper orders ready to be shipped to their homes

Is recycled bubble wrap a thing?

As a child, one of the most fun and satisfying thing to do after unwrapping packages is to pop bubble wrap. The sound of the bubbles popping in your hand was satisfying and calming then and even now as an adult. But once all the air sacs are popped, what do you do with the sheet of deflated plastic?  Can you recycle it? 
The answer is yes.  Our bubble wrap is oxo-degradable so a more environmentally friendly form of cushion packaging and is 100% recyclable.  
Our "green" bubble wrap
If you are creative, you can also make Halloween costumes like jellyfish from bubble wrap. But if that’s too far, you could create a large hopscotch platform for your kids to enjoy – the list is endless. You can always check Pinterest for ideas.

Stick Around.

Our packing tape is sustainably sourced eco-friendly packaging tape made from 100% recycled plastic. It is free from PVC and solvents, it isn't yet recyclable but the company are working towards that. 

Get Crafty.

Our personalised products are perfect for arts and crafts. You can make decorations, gift bags, or make another special gift for a loved one. So whether you want to make something yourself or have a day of fun with your kids, (perfect for school holidays) it’s a waste-free way to get crafty! Head to our post about how to use wrapping paper in different ways for more ideas too!

Picture Perfect.

We know our personalised products can have such an impact, they can have photos which hold memories, and special messages that someone has taken the time and love to put together. Or maybe it’s simply one photo and one memory that has the ability to make you smile from ear to ear. Instead of recycling them, why not hold onto these nostalgic moments and look back with fondness.As many of our products include photographic quality images, after you have gifted why not cut out the photo on your personalised photo product, frame it and hang it on the wall! Or why not add it to a photo album or memory book? It is the perfect keepsake to make the memory last forever!

Printing your products.

We have moved towards refillable ink to decrease the amount of single use plastics we use to try and be more environmentally conscious. We can now recycle our ink cartridges using The aim of this is to help charities raise funds whilst we also become greener in the process.

Coffee Break.

For those of you who have followed us for a while, you will know that we love our coffee. We have these from recyclable pods with fresh local milk, delivered by a local milkman in glass bottles to cut down on unnecessary transport (and therefore fuel emissions) and to boost the local economy. Plus, we use the Nespresso recycling collection.
Nespresso recycling collection and glass milk bottles

Getting it delivered

We are using DHL as our main courier because of their ‘green’ credentials and how they promote Green initiatives.

We also use Royal Mail because of their excellent carbon record and their  work in trying to reduce their impacts. We are conscious of air miles and the impact travel has on the environment. 

We’re constantly working on how we can improve our reuse and recycle policy, even in our every day home life. Everything is made with love and it’s all about striving to pass that on. We won’t stop there... watch this space for future developments.  Do you have any other uses for the personalised products you have purchased from us in the past? We would love to know.

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