Spooky! What Makes The Best Halloween Gifts?

Spooky! What Makes The Best Halloween Gifts?

Halloween has come around again and it is time to get your decorations and outfits out of the loft and maybe not dust them down, but hope they have more dust on them than ever!

The witching hour is not far away so now is the time to try a new outfit, put the decorations up and get fully prepared for the big day. This year you might decide to buy some gifts for your friends, so that you can celebrate your friendship before the spookiness begins, so here we have put together a brief list of the best Halloween gift ideas.

The best Halloween gift ideas

Your Halloween party is all about spookiness, decoration and darkening the mood. So don’t forget your Halloween banners to crank up the scare factor and put the fear into your guests as soon as they arrive. But once they have recovered from that, one of these great Halloween gift ideas will be perfect to get the head rolling, sorry, to get the ball rolling before the real spookiness begins.

1. Halloween make-up

2. Scary earrings and necklace

3. Halloween masks

4. Spooky candles

5. Lanterns or Skulls for ‘Trick or Treating’

6. Sweets and Chocolates

7. Wigs for your Halloween outfit

8. Halloween outfits or clothes such as suits, nurse’s outfit, surgeon, jumpers, dresses, hoodies and overalls

9. Witches and skeleton toys and dolls

10. Halloween games

11. Halloween books of spells and potions

12. ‘Welcome’ doormats

13. Hanging scary sculptures

14. Halloween glasses, mugs, bowls and dishes

15. Accessories such as eyeballs, fingers, fake blood, cobwebs, spiders and bats

All these Halloween gifts will go down a trick or treat with your guests and will help your Halloween theme go with a bang and a puff of smoke. You can also get creative and make your own gifts. Just like Christmas, the build-up to Halloween starts earlier and earlier every year, so don’t delay and get involved today. If the kids are already bending your ear about Halloween then get them started by making some decorations for the party or making some gifts for their friends.

Wrap your gifts in personalised Halloween wrapping paper

Getting creative with outfits, games, decorative candles, face masks and hanging trimmings and adornments is a great way to tap into the kids’ creative streak, get the Halloween bug started early and save yourself some money too.  

But don’t forget your wrapping paper! You can order special bespoke Halloween wrapping paper from Dom & Geri with personalised messaging and the ability to upload your own Halloween photos from yesteryear. You can also design your own Halloween greeting cards to send a spooky message to your friends.

Make sure your Halloween party swings like a hanging Skeleton with some great Halloween gifts and some bespoke Halloween party banners and wrapping paper. So contact Dom & Geri today and make your Halloween this year the spookiest yet.

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