Teacher Thank You Gifts: Personalise The Gift Wrap To Make It Special

Teacher Thank You Gifts: Personalise The Gift Wrap To Make It Special

The historical image of a teacher as a power-hungry ogre and the bane of our existence is long gone. Nowadays society has grown to respect teachers much more and to be more thankful for the job they do in guiding us and our children through life. Certainly teachers can be a huge influence as we are growing up, and maybe sometimes we don’t realise that until it’s too late. So perhaps we should acknowledge our favourite teachers a little more and demonstrate how they are appreciated?

Here is a list of small gift ideas to say ‘thank you’ to your teacher. This could be when you have passed your exams, at the end of the school year, or maybe when the teacher is leaving for another school. Perhaps you don’t even need an excuse to say ‘thank you’? All these small gift ideas will look great in personalised gift wrap, where you can make the gift unique by spelling out your teacher’s name and maybe including some photos from the school trip that everyone remembers!

So, bearing in mind that children rarely have a lot of money to spend on their teacher’s present, make their day by offering one of the following as a ‘thank you’ gesture:

  • Pamper set – your teacher can relax at home after a stressful day at school, and whether male or female, there are creams, scrubs and oils which can lift and revitalise.
  • Plant pots – something for the garden can act as a long term reminder of your gratitude and can offer a lift when they get home.
  • Candles – help to create a peaceful, relaxing and sweet-smelling ambience for your teacher at home with some aromatic candles. You can choose their favourite scent or colour and bring back nice memories every time they are lit.
  • Picture frame – this can be fitted with a favourite pic of the class or a fun event at school, or it can be left blank for your teacher to fill themselves. Either way it will come to symbolise nice memories and a lovely gesture.
  • Chocolates – an oldie but a goodie, a nicely wrapped box of chocolates will never fail, and if you play your cards right, your teacher might start offering them round the class before they leave!
  • Wine, beer or spirits – another classic which is hard to get wrong. This one will have to be enjoyed off the premises, but a nice bottle, well selected, can act as a lovely reminder and of course after it’s finished, your teacher might even acknowledge you weren’t such a bad student after all!
  • Mugs – simple but effective; who doesn’t need an extra mug in their cupboard? A personalised mug acts as a great memento of your teacher’s time at school and with your class, and again, you can include a favourite photo and a message too.
  • Biscuits and cakes – a nicely presented hamper will be well received and can be carefully selected to include all your teacher’s favourites. And if you don’t know what they are by now, you haven’t been paying attention……………
  • Tea and coffee hamper – and again, you ‘must’ have noticed how dependent teachers are on tea and coffee, so you can really make their day by putting a nice package together of their favourite everyday treats.
  • Vouchers – a gift is a lovely thing, but sometimes the freedom to choose your own gift is even better. Vouchers for shops, hotels, activities or experiences will go down a treat with your favourite teacher.

Check out all our personalised cards and wrapping paperideas and you can choose one to perfectly complement your thoughtful gift. Make sure you really make your teacher’s day by choosing from the Dom & Geri range today.

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