Tell A Story With Photo Upload Cards at Dom and Geri

Tell A Story With Photo Upload Cards at Dom and Geri

Tell A Story With Photo Upload Cards at Dom and Geri

When you want to give a really thoughtful gift, there is something special and unique about a personalised card.

At Dom and Geri, we sell a wide range of card designs that can be uniquely personalised to tell a story. From first loves to best friends, here’s our suggestions of the best stories you can capture with a personalised card.

Family First

If you have just started a family, this card is a great way to give each family member a feature placement on the front of the card.

The first photo can be of your other half, the second photo can be you and the third can be the family altogether. The stepping stone style of card reflects growth, connections and the equal sized boxes mean each member of the family is equally important.

Personalised card with 3 photos uploads


A lovely alternative to a traditional congratulations card is this one photo upload card design.

It’s clean, simple and showcases a hero image in the centre that can be anything you’d like it to be. Perhaps you recently celebrated your 25-year anniversary or an engagement; this card says it all with the photo taking centre stage. Because of the large photo space, you could even use an Instagram collage of photos saved as one image and upload this. Your celebratory moment can be perfectly captured with this simple, effective photo upload design.

Personalised single photo upload card

Milestone Birthdays

When a milestone birthday arrives, what better way to mark the occasion than to send a card that shows the growth from child to adult. This two photo upload card design is a great landscape style card where you can feature 2 great photos with your personalised text underneath.

Cute personalised 2 photo upload card

Whether it’s a girl turning 18 or your dad turning 60, you can select 2 photos that capture their personality perfectly. On the left you could feature them as a child and on the right it could be a recent picture. One to treasure forever!

Multiple Messages

When you have more than a few words to say on your personalised card, this 3 photo upload card lets you add 2 separate messages!

Three photo personalised card with text

Customise your card with individual family member photos, work colleagues, best friends and many more. With 2 places for personalised text, you can add a quirky message in the right corner that will be sure to make the recipient smile!

If you’re looking for photo upload cards that are fully customisable, take a look at our Anything You Like range of cards.

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