Thanks to you, our Personalised Cards have been improved!

Thanks to you, our Personalised Cards have been improved!

At Dom and Geri, we spend a lot of time reading through the reviews that you, our customers have placed on our Trustpilot page and also the extra ones that we have received via other social platforms and email. Feedback is very important to us and helps us to improve as a company, ensuring we are providing a product that you are happy with.

Customer satisfaction is very high on our priority list. If we see any form of negative feedback regarding any of the products that we provide you, no matter how small, it is put aside and raised in our weekly meetings. From these meetings we discuss how the problem can be solved and how the new improvement can be implemented.

One example of this is with our Personalised Cards. We had noticed that we had a couple of reviews, which commented on the quality of our cards. From following up on these reviews, speaking to our customers and looking more in depth into their main worry. We found that customers preferred a glossy finish to the cards, whereas we had been printing on a card with a matte finish. We thought people would like the option of writing on the front, but we found that this wasn’t the case for the majority.

From this research we have installed a new machine into the Dom and Geri workshop and have now been using it for approximately one month. You will see from our recent reviews that the new addition has proved a success! 

customer reviews

With our green commitment, we have sourced a method, which is widely considered as being a more environmentally friendly alternative to lamination. Virtually no waste is produced in the production process and provides the card with a UV coating, creating a gloss finish to the end product. UV coated products can be disposed of or recycled as normal paper would be.

We are very pleased with the results of our new machine and I’m sure you will be too! The print quality is enhanced, the colours richer and more vivid, and it also offers a protection to the card, if it is frequently handled. Why wouldn’t you like it?

Why not have a look at our Personalised Cards and order some today. We are sure you will be happy with the new result! Thank you for your feedback, keep it coming in!

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