The Happiest Cards for National Smile Day

The Happiest Cards for National Smile Day

The saying goes that a smile can light up a room, and it is true that warmth, fun and love can radiate from a beaming smile that you can almost sense before that person even walks in. So it is quite appropriate that we can also sense that National Smile Day is coming, on Friday October 7th.

Of course we stock lots of cards to mark happy occasions that make you smile; carrying positive, joyful and good-spirited images and messages. Be it birthdays, weddings, Christmas, anniversaries, retirement or moving into a new home, we love to send a card to mark the event, and it is our way of transporting a smile to lighten up someone’s day. Even cards to say ‘congratulations’ on getting a new job, or to say ‘thank you’ for your help, or even to say ‘get well soon’ all carry a message of fondness and affection and effectively represent a smile in another form. We also stock humorous cards with funny images and messages that will raise a smile and maybe even a laugh.

So there are plenty of ways you can commemorate National Smile Day. At work, at school or with the kids around the house, there are times every day when a smile can give us a huge lift. A smile can break down barriers and tensions, start friendships, put someone at ease and offer a huge welcome. A smile can make a small child feel loved and safe, a smile can cheer up someone feeling sad or lonely and a smile can be seen as simple courtesy and good manners when someone keeps a door open for you. A smile costs nothing to give and you can’t put a price on its benefit.

Now think about what makes you smile. Is it giving and receiving gifts? Saying hello to someone? Is it hearing a joke or your favourite song on the radio? Maybe you see a photograph or something that reminds you of a precious memory? Whatever it is, a smile gives you a cosy feeling, it brings you to life and gives off energy, and when people see it, it has the same effect on them. So let’s try and do it a bit more often.

On National Smile Day we are encouraging you to think about those who might need a smile; a little pick-me-up to get them through the day or to remind them that someone is thinking about them. Send them a card with a simple message and you are sending a smile. Maybe even send a personalised card with a photo of you smiling? Sometimes the most direct message carries the most meaning!

So celebrate National Smile Day this Friday and see what impact your smile has on other people. It takes no effort and it might be gone in a second, but its effect can last a lifetime. Now go light up the room!

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