The Perfect Way to Say "I'm Sorry"

The Perfect Way to Say "I'm Sorry"

Let’s face it even at the best of times we make all mistakes and with such errors the only thing left to do is say those two little words; “I'm sorry!”. But what's the best way to rebuild those bridges? Not all apologies grant forgiveness, making the medium you choose even more important! Obviously you have to take into account the severity of what you have done as sometimes baking a cake just won’t cut it – cut it…get it?! 

personalised sorry card with a cat looking sad and a skeleton fish in a bowl

Getting creative is the key to unlocking the forgiveness hug. Here are just some of our brilliant suggestions:

The Classic “I'm Sorry” Newspaper Advert – Often newspapers, if you pay a bit of money, will let you write a snippet in either the buying or selling section to announce your regret. Likely to cause a stir, this is the original Facebook status apology!

Secret Message – By scratching a small secret message in a banana with a toothpick, it's light-hearted but deeply thoughtful. Just make sure they pick that particular fruit when packing lunch!

Honesty Balloons – It’s easier to say sorry if the balloon is doing it for you. (Even better if attached to some flowers or chocolates!)

Hug And Don’t Let Go – Sometimes something as simple as a good old long hug can do the job, the perfect tactic for when all else fails but never the last resort!

Write A Poem – “Roses are red, Violets are blue, sometimes I screw up, but so do you!” Or so it goes...

Sing It – Even if Simon Cowell would be unimpressed, singing a few notes may be more appropriate than writing one! Your lack of talent will be hilariously disarming, think of something witty and funny and they are sure to forgive you.

Buy Flowers – This goes without saying, the perfect gift and the one you turn to first is a bouquet of flowers. Or last if all else does indeed fail! Why not have a look at our tutorial on how to use our Personalised Gift Wrap to wrap your flowers?

Send a Personal Card to say Sorry – Make a funny “I’m sorry” card which will hopefully make them laugh until they forgive you. We have a range of different hilarious apology cards on offer so no more excuses! We even have pre-made verses, if saying it with words isn’t your strong point. They will never know and we won’t tell!

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