Top 5 Romantic Proposal Ideas

Top 5 Romantic Proposal Ideas

Thinking of popping “the big question” but not quite sure how to do it? Here are some of our top proposal ideas that are bound to melt your heart....just remember, they don’t come with a guaranteed yes!  

  1. Profess your love in a public space

Take your sweetheart to a special place that is of personal significance to the two of you. You could even organise a musician to serenade you with your special song or have all your friends and family hiding nearby to jump out with champagne and join in the memorable moment with you.

  1. Wrap up the ring for Christmas

Not sure what to get your loved one for Christmas this year? What about a ring! Wrap it up and propose on Christmas morning or hang it on the tree as a surprise ornament and ask your loved one to retrieve it. Don’t forget the mistletoe! (Birthdays and Valentine’s Day are great for surprise proposals too!)

  1. Design a treasure hunt

Getting your soon-to-be fiancé to hunt down her ring can be a fun and creative way to propose. Create a trail by leaving sweet notes with clues or have a path of candles lead them to a special place with petals spelling out Marry Me!  

  1. Plan a surprise trip

Whisk your loved one away on a romantic trip for two and find a secluded spot to surprise them with your proposal. A private picnic is a great idea as you could hide the ring in their dessert – just make sure they don’t swallow it!

  1. Take them to their favourite restaurant

Restaurants may be a cliché place to propose, but you can make the occasion more special by getting the restaurant staff involved. Ask them to design a special plate with the ring as the centrepiece or get a waiter to bring the ring with your dessert for a special end to the evening.

Whichever way you decide to propose, we’re sure it will be a moment that you’ll both remember forever! To mark the occasion with words, why not write out a romantic personalised card and hand it to them with the ring.


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