Top Tips for the Best Handwriting

Top Tips for the Best Handwriting

At Dom and Geri, we’re true believers in the power of the written word and despite the fact that we’re living in a digital age, the ability to write by hand is still very important. In honour of National Stationery Week on 25 April-1 May 2016, we’ve put together some handy tips (pardon the pun!), to help perfect your writing style:

Ready, steady, go

As with anything, the best place to start is at the beginning. So sit up straight, put your feet flat and firmly on the ground, grab a pen and paper and take a deep breath. Next, place your forearm on the table to allow ease movement in your fingers and help steady your hand. This should put you in the ideal position for drawing some beautiful lines as well as to keep your mind focus. If your hand or body feels uncomfortable at first, move around to remove any tension before sitting back down and starting again.

Practice makes perfect

Not everyone’s handwriting is going to look like a work of art at first. If you think your handwriting could do with some tidying up, take inspiration from different styles and fonts and practice, practice, practice! Soon you’ll find your flow and start to see a significant improvement in the clarity and shape of the words you write.

Find the right stationery

Writing on lined paper with a pen that feels comfortable to hold in your hand will help keep your writing in check. Or to inspire yourself even further, treat yourself to some top quality stationery such as a calligraphy pen, which is great to use when writing out personalised messages in cards or invitations.

Have fun

As well as paying attention to what you’re doing on paper, remember to have fun and get creative – after all the pen is mightier than the sword! Allow yourself to doodle freely and experiment with different shapes and scribbles. You’ll soon find that not only will your handwriting improve, but it will help you relax too.

Once you’ve perfected your pen art be sure to put your creativity into practice. Pick a card from one of our ranges and add a thoughtful handwritten note in your new, neat handwriting before sending it on to surprise someone special.

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