FAQs about Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper

How To Use Christmas Wrapping Paper For Difficult Shapes?

Wrapping oddly shaped Christmas gifts can be highly frustrating. At Dom & Geri, we recommend placing your Christmas gift in a box for a smooth gift-wrapping process.

However, we understand this isn’t always the best option that's why we recommended:

  • The gift bag method
  • The envelope method
  • The diagonal method

Find out more ways to wrap your gifts using our Christmas gift wrapping paper on our blog “tips for wrapping gifts”.

What are your Christmas wrapping roll sizes?

Print on the highest quality paper from renewable sources, our personalised Christmas wrapping paper comes in lots of sizes!

These sizes range from A2 sheets (our smallest) to a 7m (our largest) roll of Christmas wrapping paper.

Find out more about our Christmas wrapping paper sizes and what Christmas gifts they’d be perfect for!