FAQs about Personalised Wrapping Paper

What else can you use wrapping paper for?

You can create all sorts of creative outcomes with wrapping paper. You can use spare wrapping paper to decorate a box, making it a lovely keepsake box for special items. You can also recycle your wrapping paper by using it as a framing component, decorating your photo frames with ease.

There are lots of ways to use wrapping paper, and you can find out more by visiting our “How to Use Your Wrapping Paper In Different Ways” blog.

How do you use wrapping paper for difficult-shaped items?

To wrap difficult-shaped gifts, there are three ways you can use to make your gift-wrapping easier. First, avoid the difficulties of wrapping by finding a box to fit the gift in. This will make wrapping your gift much easier.

Next, is the paper bouquet. This is an ideal gift-wrapping technique for mugs and bottles.

The last technique is, wrapping paper gift bags! We cover these in full detail on our “Tips for wrapping gifts” blog.